Lula's release will change Brazil


Leftist politicians from all over Latin America have appreciated the release from prison of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The newly elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, congratulated Lula on being released from prison and praised his "courage" and "integrity".

Cuba's head of state Miguel Diaz-Canel spoke of a "triumph of truth". Lula, convicted of corruption, left prison on Friday after more than one and a half years in jail for his followers. He was moved by the courage with which Lula had encountered "this persecution", wrote Fernandez in the short message service Twitter. He described the corruption case against Lula as "arbitrary."

Fernandez's future vice-president, former Argentine head of state Cristina Kirchner, spoke of correcting one of the "biggest legal abuses in Latin America". The "deprivation of liberty of the former president" Lula was "unlawful," Kirchner wrote on Twitter.

«Triumph of peoples, solidarity and truth»

Even the controversial Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro welcomed the release of Lula. In a speech broadcast by state television, Maduro exclaimed: "Long live Brazil! Long live Lula! "He was" very moved to see Lula on the street, "Maduro said. Lula is a "great leader" for Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cuba's head of state Miguel Diaz-Canel praised Lula as a "tireless fighter" who never gave up his dignity. Lula's release is a "triumph of peoples, solidarity and truth". The Cuban Foreign Ministry spoke of "580 days of unjustified detention" to which Lula had been exposed. (SDA)

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