Lyon 1st Arrondissement | Lyon: a passerby injured by a lost ball


A Lyonnais of thirty years was injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday around 2 am by a stray bullet, while he was at Place des Terreaux in Lyon I. He was waiting to enter an establishment when he collapsed, touched in the face.

"The place was crowded with people like every Saturday," says Progress a medical student present on the square. I was also queuing up when I heard a noise that sounded like a firecracker. It did not alert me but there was a second firecracker. People have moved behind me. I turned from curiosity and saw a man on the floor. He was conscious but was bleeding from the nose apparently. He was very surrounded, people cared for him. Then the fire department and the police arrived. "

Collateral victim of a settling of accounts

Nobody paid attention to two individuals who were running away from the square. They were arrested a few minutes later. According to the first elements of the investigation, the passer-by would have been the collateral victim of a settlement of accounts. As the two men quarreled, one of them pulled out a gun, an automatic pistol, and shot. The other protagonist dismissed the weapon but his opponent fired a second time. It was this projectile that reached the victim who, by chance, was only injured. The ball lodged in his cheek.

Two men arrested

The bearer of the weapon did not confess defeated and then pursued the one he was targeting. The police arrested them while they were hiding in an alley of a neighborhood building. Aged about 30 years, the two men unlawfully in French territory were placed in custody in the context of an investigation opened for attempted homicide.

Ten days ago, two people were beaten on the square, regularly singled out for insecurity at night.

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