Macklemore and his incredible presentation before the MLS Cup


The interpreter of ‘Can’t hold us’And Seattle Sounders shareholder, Macklemore gave a spectacular free presentation at Pioneer Square, in Seattle; on the occasion of the MLS Cup; Seattle Sounders vs. Toronto

During his presentation, the rapper wore a fairly casual look, however; He did not hesitate to show his support for his team by wearing a scarf of these to complement your outfit

There is no doubt that, the rapper completely ignited the audience, because during his presentation there was an atmosphere worthy of a sporting event. This presentation included trumpets and more, everything; to encourage the audience, which was responsible for holding the rapper during his last song.

After the presentation, Seattle Sounders fans marched to the CenturyLink Field and with that, witness the match.

The great march

For more than two blocks, the fans walked shoulder after shoulder to start the march; the number of people present was so much that, It is not yet known exactly how many people were present.

It is estimated that this has been the biggest march by fans of a club in the history of football.

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