Madjid Messaoudene has the right to wear the tricolor scarf in the march against Islamophobia?


Question asked by 10/11/2019


Following the remark a reader we check if an elected official is allowed to wear the tricolor scarf outside his municipality. The conclusions of this article can be modified later.

You have seen in the photos of the march against Islamophobia, which takes place this Sunday in Paris, that Madjid Messaoudene, councilor in Saint-Denis and initiator of the call for mobilization appeared in Release, wore a tricolor scarf. You want to know if he has the right to wear this symbol during this event.

This is not the first time that Madjid Messaoudene participates in a demonstration with a tricolor scarf and that the question is put to us.

As we explained in March 2019, the code of local authorities provides that municipal councilors can wear the tricolor scarf with tassels silver fringe, replacing the mayor, when they have a delegation authorizing them. This is precisely the case of Madjid Messaoudene, who is a "delegate" city councilor, as evidenced by a municipal decree of 3 December 2016. Thanks to this decree, Madjid Messaoudene can therefore take part in events such as the march against Islamophobia. by displaying the tricolor scarf that has been delegated to him by the town hall of Saint-Denis.

At the time, the elected official explained to CheckNews that he only wore it "Within the framework of (s) es delegations: public services, discrimination, equality between women and men, in representation of the municipality. When I go to protest for Algeria I do not put it for example.

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