Magalena Neuner is not planning much more as a mom


Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Former biathlon queen Magdalena Neuner has found more serenity in her life with her two young children.

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"As an athlete, you're very structured and organized, the kids throw it all together, and through them I've learned that things can not always be planned," the 32-year-old said on Saturday at her tribute as "Legend of the sport "on the sports press ball in Frankfurt. "As hard as it is sometimes, I also feel good about being spontaneous sometimes and about what's going on."

The two-time Olympic champion and twelve-time World Champion accepted the award together with Laura Dahlmeier, who had a similar successful career in biathlon and finished this year. Both are now in line with stars such as Michael Schumacher, Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker or Heiner Brand, who had previously received the award since 2007.

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