Major fire in Leopoldstadt: The Nordbahnhalle burned down completely


On Sunday afternoon it burned brightly in the northern railway district

Around 1 pm the Nordbahnhalle, a former event center, went up in flames! For firefighters and police began a long-term large-scale operation, the Vienna rescue was at the beginning of the disaster train on the ground.

About 1 hour later, the fire brigade was able to control the fire and filled the building with foam and water over a kilometer long pipeline to bring the fire to a standstill!
This work went beyond the editorial deadline, in addition, around 16:00 a fire station was set up, which will probably be busy all night.

Interviews with neighbors left no doubt that it is largely believed that the "annoying" building should be "warmly removed" to make way for residential buildings !? And although the latest state of affairs was that the Nordbahnhalle as a venue and exhibition building should at least temporarily stop.

Now it's up to ChI. Ortner from the LKA to clarify the matter, whether it was really arson or a technical defect!
The neighbors want to hear as well as on Twitter was a complete investigation of the case!
You can be curious ….

E. Weber

Photos: E. Weber © 2019

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