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Hello football friends,

FC Bayern Munich sweeps Borussia Dortmund 4: 0 from the square and then calls us Uli Hoeneb in CHECK24 double pass on – what a football weekend.

It is well known that Hoeneb will soon be leaving office as president. As we have experienced him, he will certainly do the club very well in the future. Anyone who thinks that he has peace before him now: have fun!

In general, the record champion is facing exciting times, the clear victory over BVB does not change the fact that interim coach Hansi Flick has inherited a complicated job from the dismissed Niko Kovac.

Coutinho on the bank no permanent solution

So far, Flick has done absolutely everything right, also and especially with his personnel decisions. Philippe Coutinho, whom he has taken out of the starting eleven, is certainly rather unfortunate, but it speaks for Flick, that he dares something and does not place by name.

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In the long term, but that's clear, it can not be the solution that such a costly and big transfer as Coutinho does not play: Flick has to make it clear that Muller, Thiago, Coutinho find their playing time, finding the balance that's missing so far. Everyone has to be at least halfway satisfied and involved.

At Kovac, that did not work out in the end. Uli Hoeness has confirmed in our broadcast once again his statement that Kovac had parts of the cabin against him.

"Kovac was never strong enough"

I would not have said that. I think that should be expressed differently or not at all – but good: Of course, the cabin has power, of course. And a coach has to be able to handle that, too.

Kovac was never strong enough. Bayern must have one stronger than Kovac. James Rodriguez rubbed it on him last season: Frankfurt is not Munich. And that's right. Point.

The truth is also true: Kovac was never made strong, the next coach may not again this years old glass beading as between Hoeneb and Rummenigge, since the coming strong man Oliver Kahn must bring peace and clarify the power relations, otherwise it can nothing will be done with the trainer search. Bayern players also register it when only half the boardroom finds their coach good.

Bayern can thank God for Flick

Until the summer Bayern can thank the Lord that they have Flick, he is a good solution. The rejected by Bayern Arsene Wenger would not have been an alternative: Imagine what would have happened if he had come, got the double and made it to the semi-finals in the Champions League. And then you say to one like him: Merci beaucoup and now bye? Unthinkable.

With Flick, who makes no demands, Bavaria is in a comfortable position to be able to watch in peace until the summer: Who is free and who is approachable?

I think Clemens TOnnies regrets sincerely

A few words to another controversy, the return of Schalke's supervisory board chairman Clemens TOnnies after his racism scandal.

I do not want to judge if three months for such a statement are the appropriate punishment. The statement was bad, very bad, that's not a question. But I believe that he sincerely regrets it.

Now continue to discuss it: At some point the point is reached where it is idle. TOnnies should instead be measured by whether his actions fit his words from now on.

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Marcel Reif is after about 1,500 annotated games a reporter legend. Among others, Reif received the "Grimme Preis", the "German Television Prize" and the "Bavarian Television Prize" for his work. Since the summer of 2016, Marcel Reif accompanies the CHECK24 double pass on SPORT1,

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