"Marcelo Gallardo can lead FC Barcelona"


The irregular start of the season FC Barcelona from Ernesto Valverde Together with the two consecutive failures of the Barca team in the Champions League since the Txingurri arrived on the bench, the patience around the Extremaduran coach is running out of Barcelona. In fact, it is speculated with a possible change of coach before the present campaign ends.

"Gallardo can lead to Barcelona"

Ronald Koeman, legendary former player of FC Barcelona and current coach of the Dutch national team, is the number one candidate to succeed Valverde. However, in recent days the name of Marcelo Gallardo, coach who has taken River Plate to the top, has gained a lot of strength. In fact, Leo Ponzio, one of the most important players of the Argentine team, endorsed his arrival at Camp Nou.

The former Real Zaragoza midfielder is clear that his coach is ready for everything. “Gallardo is ready to make the leap. He can lead Barca as he can lead the Argentine national team. Some European club will lead, sure. There are players who were a lot in Europe and have that Argentine or South American blood to compete there, ”he said.

Gallardo's response

Recently, Gallardo himself also responded to the rumors. "As for me I can not echo rumors. I have not heard anyone specifically and I do not think anyone shows up to do any management, knowing that we are in an instance of great importance for our institution, playing defining games It is clear that, on my part, there is nothing that blurs me from the objectives that lie ahead, "he said.

His short-term goal remains to win with River. "I think there is a lot of anxiety about wanting to know what I can do tomorrow. I understand that my communication has to be very firm and sincere. I am not thinking about next year, I am thinking about tomorrow, in the semifinal of Copa Argentina and the Copa Libertadores final. That is my most urgent goal, "he said.

Further, he repeated again that it is not his business to feed rumors about his own future. "That is a matter of anxiety from other environments that do not compete with me. I know very well what I want, now I want to be focused on the games that lie ahead," he said.

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