Marcelo Tinelli regrets the non-hiring of Nestor Gorosito as coach of San Lorenzo


Although Nestor Gorosito went to B with Tigre, the good campaign he did just reached the club where Walter Montillo plays together to obtain the Super League Cup makes him a coach coveted by many trans-Andean teams.

This is the case of San Lorenzo de Almagro, who after the departure of Juan Antonio Pizzi turned his head to look for his replacement. And precisely Gorosito had the support of the Barca fans and the leadership. This is confirmed by team vice president Marcelo Tinelli.

"We thought that the coach should be the Pipo but it could not be given. We wanted to have it quickly and it did not happen. In Tigre they wanted to keep him for a game, then for two and I understand them," said the famous TV host.

Adding that "I thank the leaders of Tigre beyond the pull. I know that Pipo wanted to come but he didn't give up, nothing more."

In passing, Diego Monarriz was confirmed as coach of San Lorenzo until the end of the year.

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