March against Islamophobia: 500 people parade this Sunday in Toulouse


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At the call of several political representatives, multiple events are organized in France this Sunday, November 10 to protest against Islamophobia. A march started this Sunday in Toulouse. It brings together about 500 people.

Following a national call made last November 1st in the columns of the newspaper ReleaseSeveral French cities will be the object, this Sunday afternoon of events. The Pink City is one of them: the procession left the metro Jean Jaures, in the city center. The event must last from 15 hours until 17 hours. For the moment between 300 and 500 people are currently walking in Toulouse.

Locally, many structures responded favorably to the national call. In the signatories we see in particular unions: the CGT 31, FSU 31, South Education 31, South health social 31, UNEF Toulouse, or the Union of the Students of Toulousain.e.s. Other associations such as the League of Human Rights 31, Family Planning 31, or the Union Antifasciste Toulousaine, also participate in the event.

On October 27, nearly 200 people had gathered in Capitol Square to say no to Islamophobia.

"Stop Islamophobia! "

In fact, everything started from a platform. On November 1, in the columns of the national newspaper, 400 personalities and organizations call to march against Islamophobia. The text follows the attack on the Bayonne mosque on October 28, during which two men were seriously injured by an 84-year-old man, Claude Sinke. A gesture that has aroused indignation on the French political scene.

In a text entitled " Stop Islamophobia! " Jean-Luc Melenchon (The Uninsured France), Manon Aubry (MEP), Vikash Dhorasoo (former football player), Benoît Hamon (Generation.s) and many other political figures on the left have called for demonstrating this November 10 "against the stigmatization of Muslims in France."

And since, the question divides. At this point that some personalities left the ship before the time: this is the case of Fabien Roussel (National Secretary of the French Communist Party), Yannick Jadot (EELV) or Francois Ruffin. This is not his first distance from Jean-Luc Melenchon: "Not my thing," said the deputy of the Somme, stating that this Sunday, as every Sunday, he has something else to do, "play football" precisely. At issue: the term "Islamophobia" is debating.

A "desire to sabotage"

Opposite, Marine Le Pen pointed the organization of such a march this Sunday. It considered that this event was "organized by the Islamists": "All those who will go to this event will be hand in hand with the Islamists, that is to say with those who develop in our country a totalitarian ideology that aims to fight the French Republic, "explained the president of the party before the cameras of BFMTV.

It goes so far as to criticize Jean-Luc Melenchon, support of the demonstration and signatory of the tribune: according to Marine Le Pen, the president of France Insoumise would be "accomplice of Islamism": "I had called during the France insubordinate elections 'Islamist France' and I believe that in this area too I was right, "taunted the party president. The latter explains that Jean-Luc Melenchon had long fought "against Islamist fundamentalism", against "the term Islamophobia", and "against the veil": "I see that he threw all that in the trash and that it is in an operation of true betrayal of its sympathizers and its voters ", estimated the head of the National Rally.

Madjid Messaoudene, one of the initiators of the appeal, denounced to the microphone of France Bleu a "will of sabotage" on the part of the president of the National Rally. For his part, Jean-Luc Melenchon maintained his positions: "I observe that starting from a disagreement on a word, some actually refuse to Muslims the right to be defended by people who are not Muslims and who want to stop the current atmosphere against them, "said the leader of the rebellious.


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