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In an explosive atmosphere, the Olympique de Marseille has cracked Lyon thanks to a Dimitri Payet on mission and a state of mind of fighters. The Gones reacted in the second half, but could not catch up with a team reduced to ten. Villas-Boas is certainly holding its benchmark match and reinstalling OM in second place in Ligue 1.

                <span class="auteur" itemprop="author" itemscope="" itemtype=""><span itemprop="name">By Mathieu Rollinger</span></span>
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         <h2 class="article_intertitre_grand"><span title="Olympique De Marseille" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span>  Olympique de Marseille 2-1 Olympique Lyonnais <span title="Olympique Lyonnais" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span></h2><i>Goals: Payet (18<sup>e</sup> sp, 39<sup>e</sup>) for OM // Dembele (59<sup>e</sup>) for OL<br/>Expulsion: Alvaro Gonzalez (64<sup>e</sup>)</i><p>Have you ever been to a volcano? To this question, the Lyonnais can answer in the affirmative. But the experience did not leave them unscathed. Because this Sunday, for the first time in five seasons, Marseille has paid the Olympique Lyon&#39;s scalp in conditions that can only make this championship a hit. Indeed, this 99<sup>e</sup> Olympico was a real peplum, with fights in every corner, but especially a formidable gladiator in the person of Dimitri Payet, double scorer. The Reunionese gave a necessary lead to take a six-point lead over the evening opponent and an option on second place in Ligue 1.<br/></p><h2 class="article_intertitre_petit">That devil of Payet</h2><br/>A rumble. This is the soundtrack chosen for player input. For the images: a magnificent painting rolled out in a triptych in the stands of the Velodrome to celebrate OM&#39;s 120 years of activity. Under the eyes of the founder Rene Dufaure de Montmirail, the Good Mother, the city&#39;s coat of arms, but especially 65,369 spectators - the biggest affluence for a French club in its stadium in Ligue 1 - the Marseilles start this match with a beating , Dario Benedetto missing the frame of the head after a horn of Payet. However, the men of Rudi Garcia, just heckled for his return, do not fight. Without Memphis Depay, injured, the offensive animation is shared: Aouar with the baton launches Maxwel Cornet who stumbles on Mandanda, Jeff Queen-Adelaide plays interesting corners under a rain of paper dumpling, Moussa Dembele struggles in tip, Bertrand Traore Bertrand Traore.<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="fr" dir="ltr">??????????? ?? ????????? ⚪️⚪️ <a href="">#OMOL</a> <a href=""># 120AnsDeLegende</a> <a href=""></a></p>- Olympique Marseille (@OM_Officiel) <a href="">November 10, 2019</a></blockquote> <span class="teads-inread-target"/><br/>But the first earthquake will occur at 13<sup>e</sup> minute, when Thiago Mendes tries to pull out a bullet with the help of his hand. Penalty inevitable, but endless: Dimitri Payet seizes the ball, but it will take more than five minutes to try it. In the meantime, Benedetto&#39;s slaps on Leo Dubois&#39;s noggin, lasers on Lopes and the hubbub will increase the pressure. Not a worry for Payet who places his shot in the right corner and releases a whole stadium <b>(1-0, 18<sup>e</sup>)</b>. The leader will not stop there: delicious exers in shambles, snarling recoveries, openings well felt, the Reunion is on fire. And it is on an action of which he is at the initiation and the conclusion, of an unstoppable crossed strike, that he gives comfort to his <b>(2-0, 38<sup>e</sup>)</b>.<br/><h2 class="article_intertitre_petit">The calm after the storm</h2><br/>The plume of Marseilles will succeed a plume of smoke, caused by smoke cracked at the recovery. In this explosive context, Lyon seeks its bearings. For tactical reasons, Jean Lucas replaced at halftime Queen-Adelaide (certainly the best player of the OL), before Rudi Garcia is forced to leave Houssem Aouar, touched in the thigh. And it is in this fog that Rayan Cherki, 16, is thrown into the battle. However, everything will disappear for the Gones a few seconds later. Moussa Dembele takes advantage of Alvaro Gonzalez&#39;s hesitation to place his header at close range on Traore&#39;s slab. <b>(2-1, 59<sup>e</sup>)</b>. The Spanish &quot;boss&quot; will crack a second time, when annihilating a goal action. Two consecutive balls that put Lyon in numerical superiority in the game.<br/>But visitors will not do much. As if the credit twists was exhausted, the meeting sets in a false rhythm, and Marseille seeks above all to hold his advantage. Valentin Rongier cuts work for two, Morgan Sanson raises the balloons, Valere Germain makes up the block, without being able to do more. Martin Terrier is very close to reinstalling an air conditioning in the Velodrome, but his flight is close to the right post, while the rushes of Cherki are not exploited. Lyon may be remorseful, but he fell on a band of starving people.<br/><br/><br/><small><span title="Olympique De Marseille" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span> <b>Marseille (4-3-3):</b> Mandanda - Sarr, Alvaro Gonzalez, Ćaleta-Car, Amavi - Rongier, Kamara, Sanson - Lopez (Khaoui, 87<sup>e</sup>), Benedetto (Strootman, 66<sup>e</sup>), Payet (Germain, 77<sup>e</sup>). <b>Coach:</b> Andre Villas-Boas.</small><p><span title="Olympique Lyonnais" style="background-image:url(" class="blason-equipe"><img data-src=""/></span> <b>Lyon (4-2-3-1):</b> Lopes - Dubois, Andersen, Denayer, Kone - Thiago Mendes, Aouar (Cherki, 57<sup>e</sup>) - Traore (Terrier, 75<sup>e</sup>), Queen Adelaide (Jean Lucas, 46)<sup>e</sup>), Cornet - Dembele. <b>Coach:</b> Rudi Garcia.</p><li class="article-puce article-puce-2"><span class="svg-fleche svg-image"><svg class="svg"><use xlink:href="#fleche"/></svg></span>  Results and ranking of Ligue 1<p><span class="auteur">By Mathieu Rollinger</span>

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