Match: The match, Cavani, Icardi, the truce, etc., the conf Tuchel after Brest / PSG (1-2)


It is a happy and smiling Thomas Tuchel who appeared before the press after the victory against Brest. Aware of the difficulties that awaited his team, he praised the mental rebound and the reported fight. He also went back a long way on the competition between Icardi and Cavani.

What does he retain from this success?

"I must honestly say that I really like this victory. It's a nice victory, difficult, like a cup game. We made a lot of changes, by starting a lot of players who lack a bit of rhythm, so of confidence, like Layvin (Kurzawa), Edi (Cavani), Pablo Sarabia or Draxler. But it was necessary to stay cool, in the head as in the legs, and they were good, all. It was not easy in the first period with the wind against us but we had a lot of opportunities to accelerate and create opportunities but we made easy mistakes at the technical level. The second period was easier to control, especially with the wind in the back for us. But we left an opportunity to the opponent and he scored. It was difficult but we showed a good reaction afterwards. We kept playing on a good pace and I felt like we really thought we could win this game. We deserved to win even though it was very tight. We are the first to win here, we can not always wait for the best and three or four goals. It's not like that, it was necessary to change a lot of players and to accept the local circumstances. We did it and I am very happy. It was the last match before the truce, the fifth victory in six games. It's great. "

Afraid not to win and be swept away by the L1's train?

" Not at all. We changed a lot of players and, upstream, I did not expect our best match, or a lot of automatisms. I told the players today, since I knew we had changed a lot of players, but I was convinced that it was necessary for us to be fresh in the head and legs, that we could really fight with Brest and have to accept that. I am also tired, always with a match preparation, a flight, a green, I am tired after six games, one every three days, and I can understand that the players feel more tired than me but we we are there and we are able to do that with changes. It's also important that you do not wait too long to be too disappointed in the end. No, we have to accept that it can be difficult, a tight match, but it does not matter. We stayed together, we played with a 4-2-3-1 a little more offensive and aggressive. The guys were good and it was a good match for both teams. It's hard to win here and we did it. I'm not scared, I'm happy, we won a little time with the truce but all players are in the national team and we will start again after … "

The Cavani match:

"It's not easy here to play against this team for an attacker. It lacks a bit of rhythm and it is not easy but he gave everything. Icardi's competition? There are no other possibilities, he must manage that. We are together, we are a team and it's like that for the attackers. Sometimes, they are in a phase where things are easier, they score again and again, they have opportunities to score more, confidence comes and it is in this phase that is currently Mauro (Icardi). Edi is a little the opposite, he lacks pace, confidence, and therefore goals. It's always difficult for an attacker because it's a very sensitive position. But we have no choice but to accept this situation, fight and work hard. It's the only thing to do. "

Fears with the international truce coming?

"If I can decide, I keep everyone and give them a week's vacation. I told them, if you stay, I can give you a week. They want but it's not possible (laughs). I really hope they will come back without being hurt because it is necessary. We then have a very long phase with a lot of games and I need all the players. But I have already said, there are too many international matches, too many flights, never the opportunity to prepare physically or recover. You have what I think, we kill the players with this rhythm. "

The demonstration that Icardi passed in front of Cavani?

"No, it's only a current situation. Mauro has received a lot of confidence and, when a player as an attacker, he may also have the chance to return and score right away. It's a bit like that. If you are in this situation, the ball is just there to score. You can score an easy goal as against Bruges but you are there and you are lucky with the bar. It's like that, if an attacker is in this situation, you let him play normally. And it's the opposite (with Edi) but it's only the situation at this moment. Edi is here and he's going to play for us, he'll score, I'm sure. Both on the same line? Everyone is on the same line but not every day. I watch and I have to evaluate every day and every week that is the closest and it is the one who is on the ground. Mauro deserved to play a lot and he scores, he scores. But I make the decision every week, every game … "

Thomas Tuchel also gave an update on the infirmary.

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