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The only insolence is such posts.

God knows I'm not a Vazquez fan and the sooner he's gone, the better, but you can overdo it completely. Rodrygo has played 3 times 90 minutes, he deserves a break. Please do not make the same mistake and completely overload him like Vini. Vazquez was not in the squad several times, although he was fit. From directly play back so no question. Just as little as restlessness within the team, it does not itch. What the fans think of him is a different story, but even there you should not lose any objectivity. Vazquez as a regular player has been around for a long time, the latest since Solari's gone. Currently he is used as he makes the most sense, as a rotation player. Bale and Asensio are injured, Vini completely out of shape, Brahim has 0 match practice, Rodrygo deserves a break. I can understand the mission today in form. I'm also glad when he's gone and does not dispute the other's playing time, but right now his role is about what it ought to be. Despite all the aversion, please stay with the facts and leave the church in the village.

In general, the eternal Gebashe slowly goes to my bag here. #Vazquezout #Modricout #Iscoout. Can you all only memes one-liners like in kindergarten? I also want that the appropriate players go slowly but surely and you can criticize lack of services like. Nevertheless, you can still respect a mum somewhere Respect, all are still players of Real Madrid with some very high merit. Modric, for example, has made a good game today. Maybe next time just wait and see, before you bring out the memes one-liners. The level of this forum has really decreased considerably.

To the game. Finally there's something like constancy. So far, after every bright spot, the next big disillusionment came. Even though they were grateful opponents, that it is mostly run as it should, and you finish it, something new this season. Genius and madness are very close together in this team. The potential is, you just have to use it.

T-Bo is slowly getting the old and even with ter Stegen comparable values. Show once again how stupid it is to want to judge directly after a few games. T-Bo in form is a top 10 TW, maybe not top 3, but definitely top 10-5, he proved that at Chelsea, at the World Cup and slowly here too. Still wants to assert one, are Areola better? : Crazy: I also do not like to play against Navas (fans), but since he / she leaves, it's suddenly running. It shows very clearly where the problem was. Definitely not only at T-Bo. He is also more involved in the game, self-confidence is half the battle for TW, often even more.

The defense is very stable current and sometimes even dangerous for goal. Dani, Varane and Ramos seem to catch themselves so slowly and Mendy shows his qualities. The opponents were not difficult, but after the Harakiri chicken piles earlier this season, a sure boost.

In midfield, Valverde is a fucking beast. To be found everywhere and always engaged. You've seen his talent over and over again, but that he's turning up so fast so fast, I would not have thought. Today crowned his achievement with a dream goal, keep up the good work! Modric and Case have played well too.

I liked Benze and Hazard in the front. Benze is in great shape and Hazard thaws so slowly. Not necessarily as a star player, but more and more as a team player. Today, he often looked for 1 to 1 and launched teammates, that's why he was brought here. I found Isco and Brahim solid.

And then there is still the miracle becoming problem child Vini. I am very divided with him at the moment. He is in a damned difficult situation, the confirmation and the biting after a first rearing is the most important and perhaps most difficult phase of the career in which many fail. The expectations and requirements are increasing. And I'm absolutely in favor of not overburdening Vini. And yet, sometimes I wonder what Vini actually did in the 3 months of his injury and all the preparation. Pressure is one thing, football games felt completely unlearn the other. Right now he is feeling like he's lost every ball and his weaknesses from last season are even more extreme. Somewhere he has to take himself by the nose and really hang out and focus on football. In this important and decisive phase, it does not like much. I wish and hope for him that he comes back, but he has to be careful that he does not completely lose the connection. He already had significant weaknesses last season and shone in a phase where all except for Benze have completely failed. Now he is weaker and the competition stronger. Even though some of them will lynch me for that, I would not torch him too long. If it does not get better by the end of the season, I would seriously consider a loan. If still not even NEN sale (stings me: Crazy:). I believe in Vini's potential, but he seems to be the longer the more a player to be able to retrieve their potential only conditionally. If he really needs such conditions as under Solari, to get his very one-dimensional potential, then Real is the wrong address in the long run.

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