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Before facing AC Milan on Sunday (8:45 pm), Maurizio Sarri said he saw Adrien Rabiot as a sentinel.

Hands entwined, online and bound to their euphoric supporters … February 14, 2017, Valentine's Day, the stroke of 11 pm to 11 pm, PSG has just achieved one of the greatest achievements in its history. A 4-0 win over Barca scattered across the Parc des Princes – thanks to the goals of Di Maria (dubbed), Draxler and Cavani – the PSG players celebrate, without really believing, a total victory. Great craftsman of this masterpiece, Adrien Rabiot has just displayed in the eyes of the continent all his qualities, in a role that is not his. At least not the one to which he was trained. Not the one he likes the most. That evening, the Parisian titi enjoys the package of the post reference, Thiago Motta. "My favorite post is relay runner," he says without thinking when Le Figaro ask him about this positioning a few days before this shock. "I can project myself, I'm freer with the ball," he argues. Before going to the obvious: "At this moment, the coach (Unai Emery, ed) asks me to play sentinel. I'm doing it for the team and maybe preparing for the Barcelona match. "

All of a "6"

Of this capital performance, which was to be an exception, will be born a debate: Adrien Rabiot is he better in sentinel? Rigorous, powerful, technical and endowed with an above-average vision of the game, the big curly has everything of the successor of Thiago Motta. Much more than Verratti who tends to take too many risks and that even a few meters from his goals. His interview given Figaro, proves that despite his young age, Rabiot has identified the specificities of the role: "When we play sentinel, we must really be effective, play fast, do not project too much because we are also there to protect the defense, "he enumerates. His coach, Didier Deschamps, is also looking for a "6" high-level to, at least, replace Kante. Of course, they are rarer than the "8" (media relay) quality. But Rabiot does not budge. His "desire to go up", to shine by goals premium. Yet his statistics are far from justifying it. In his most prolific season (2017-2018), he scored 5 goals and 7 assists in 50 games.

Sarri has a plan for Rabiot

But if this sea serpent seemed to be buried underground, his new coach Maurizio Sarri came out abruptly, in a press conference on Saturday, with this sentence that has the merit of being clear: "In the future, I (Adrein Rabiot, ed.) considers it more of a low point than an advanced playmaker. "Although the bianconeri tactician intends to give the French time:" For now, I'm specializing in one role. When it is ready, we will try alternatives. Already, in pre-season, he had played several times as a remote playmaker and he had done well. "Used sparingly since the start of the season (his first in the jersey of Turin), Rabiot could draw his pin of the game in the role that he often balked to endorse. For him who glided in a smile: "It does not displease me to play at this post but I have time in my career to back down", in our columns in 2017, the time may have come to evolve. And why not take the opportunity to find the Blues?

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