Maybrit Illner (ZDF): In political talk scraps fly because Grundrente – then it is enough ex-sports star


At Maybrit Illner the scraps fly. Kevin Kuhnert and Tilman Kuban are screaming at the ground rent debate. But then it's enough for a former Paralympics star.

  • at Maybrit Illner fly the shreds
  • Kevin Kuhnert and Tilman Kuban argue loudly
  • Former Paralympic Star Verena Bentele goes in between

Maybrit Illner on ZDF: Kevin Kuhnert and Tilman Kuban attack each other

Berlin – Actually it should be in the talk of Maybrit Illne
r on ZDF for the basic pension walk. But the debate under the title "GroKo in the pension dispute – from the factual question to the question of power?" Develops rapidly to a private duel between Tilman Kuban, Chief of the Young Union, and Kevin Kuhnert, Chief of the Jusos. Both attack sharply and provoke the other. First Verena Bentele, President of the social association VdK and twelve times Paralympics winner in the biathlon, can stop the two quarrels. But the way is long.

Core issue in the basic pension is the question of means test. The SPD is against it, the CDU is in favor. In the case of Maybrit Illner, the young generation in person of Tilman Kuban and Kevin Kuhnert is to decide what belongs to the older generation. Next to them and Verena Bentele is Andreas Peichel, director of the Munich Ifo-Institute.

Debate at Maybrit Illner develops into a power struggle

In the course of the talk show of Maybrit Illner on ZDF, the factual debate on a private dispute between Tilman Kuban and Kevin Kuhnert, which degenerates more and more. The starting point of the dispute between the two politicians is a statement by Kuban. "The real problem is that 60 percent of voters are over 50 years old. And politics is being made for them. "

Video: Union and SPD continue to struggle for ground rent

Kuhnert feels provoked and countersigned in a sharp tone: "This is not the real problem. What you are opening up to, and I find that fascinating for a youth organization, is a generational conflict. "The tone of the debate is getting sharper. Kuban repeatedly affirms that he is fighting for his generation.

At Maybrit Illner on ZDF: Kuhnert picking up speed

As a result, Kuhnert picks up speed again and vigorously shares with Maybrit Illner: "A generation is not a political attitude. I fight for attitude, for values. When in doubt, I'm closer to my grandparents, who have invested a lot in my education and want me to be fine. Closer than anybody, who is close to me in age, but behaves anti-social and wants everything only for his own generation. "

Quarrel with Maybrit Illner hands Verena Bentele: "Hello …"

Kuban can quickly interject that not all young people would be antisocial before the dispute with Maybrit Illner on ZDF escalates. Kuhnert and Kuban scream at each other, throwing at themselves arguments and reproaches that the viewer can no longer follow. For a long time it's no longer a matter of fact, but more of power issues.

Maybrit Illner can only calm Tilman Kuban and Kevin Kuhnert for a short time before the argument picks up again. Then the former Paralympics star Verena Bentele, however, enough, With the sentence "Hello, may we also say something?" She commanded the two contestants stop. What Bentele has to say, among other things, is that one should not link the life achievement to obsolete family models where those with money for the relatives have to worry about without money.

by Christian Frankincense

Maybrit Illner has recently had heated debates. Robert Habeck had to accept clear protests.

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