McLaren wants to create a new chapter in 2021 with Mercedes


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Within two seasons it will be the first time McLaren has been pushed back by Mercedes engines since they left their association in 2014. In this new stage, Seidl wants to write a new chapter in the history of both, instead of talking about a return to the previous era of McLaren – Mercedes.

Since the arrival of the German in Woking, one of his main objectives was to change motorcyclists and return to be with Mercedes. After several years of road through the desert with Honda and, two seasons with Renault more out of necessity than anything else, McLaren will be joined by Mercedes again from 2021.

In statements for the Gazzetta Dello Sport, Andreas Seidl wanted to make it clear that this was not a decision made because of the French biker: "We also improve thanks to Renault. Our partnership with Mercedes is not a decision that goes against Renault".

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Joining Mercedes means a lot to McLaren and his aspirations for the future: "Since the hybrid era, Mercedes is the point of reference in terms of performance, reliability, power unit quality and as equipment".

Seidl prefers not to talk about a return to the previous McLaren Mercedes era, rather than building a new road and making history: "I will not talk about a return, I want to write a new chapter in the history of this team"Times change as scenarios, suppliers, relationships between people".

Having Mercedes engines will be a help and another reason for peace of mind for the entire McLaren team in 2021: "Having the best under the hood on the eve of the 2021 innovations is a sign of security and stability, there will be zero distractions".

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