Medical parties: Colo Colo confirms that Pablo Mouche and Carlo Villanueva are casualties against Universidad Catolica


Colo Colo shared the medical part of his injured confirming that Pablo Mouche will not be able to play the duel against Universidad Catolica next Sunday 17 when the National Tournament resumes.

Mouche “suffered a traumatic tear of the right thigh femoral rectum. An approximate recovery period of four weeks is expected, ”said the Chieftain.

But Mouche is not the only one and Carlo Villanueva joins the low albas: “He suffered a myofascial tear of the adductor longus of the left thigh. An approximate recovery period of 2 to 3 weeks is expected. ”

Colo Colo will visit the Catholic University in San Carlos, with the option of the UC to be crowned champion at home and against the Cacique.

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