Mega strike at Lufthansa: far more customers affected than expected


The flight chaos with the Lufthansa strike also has a strong impact on Saturday. The airline wants a mediation. The union is threatened with further strikes.

  • Passengers threatened with adversity: The union UFO has begun a strike at Lufthansa.
  • The airline wanted to defend itself by legal means – but had no success.
  • Now Lufthansa employees are allowed to strike on 7 and 8 November.
  • The airline wants a mediation. The union is threatening with the next strike.

Update from 9th November: Flight connections still fall on Munich Airport out. Of the 20 compounds have been canceled for Saturday, said a spokesman for Germany's second largest airport. As a result, many Lufthansa flights started or sometimes landed several hours late. In Nuremberg no connections were canceled according to operating company. The airline said on request, it could come after the strike to isolated flight cancellations or delays. That's because machines and crews are not yet in the right places, a spokesman said in advance.

At the same time, there is some hope for an end to the labor dispute, The union Ufo and the airline want to discuss possible mediation. It is about 21,000 Lufthansa flight attendants. Both sides agreed strict silence. According to reports, the talks on Sunday are to begin in a secret location. One needs the confidentiality, in order to clear up difficult legal questions, so Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr. "If we settle, the whole thing must have legal support."

Because of the strikes of the UFO Lufthansa had canceled on Thursday and Friday with a special flight schedule a total of 1500 flights worldwide. She spoke of about 200,000 passengers concerned. Especially the hubs Frankfurt and Munich hit it.

Long-term strike at Lufthansa? Far more customers affected than expected

Message of November 9th, 4:42 pm: During the Lufthansa strike on Thursday and Friday (7 and 8 November) there were more cancellations than previously thought. A total of 1500 flights had to be canceled – the company assumed only 1300.

The number of those affected also increases. Instead of the 180,000 customers who had to live with the consequences of the strike, there are around 200,000. But there is also good news with dampers: The flight operations should continue largely normal on Saturday, Lufthansa said – it could come after the strikes to isolated flight cancellations or delays.

Mega strike at Lufthansa: meeting in secret location – union threatens more strikes

Update 14:57: The Flight attendant union UFO puts the Lufthansa before the negotiations on the weekend under pressure: In the talks "binding agreements" would have to be found, said UFO spokesman Nicoley Baublies on Friday – "otherwise it will continue with labor disputes" from Monday. At the second day of the strike the flight attendants dropped out on Friday several hundred flights.

UFO is stripping for "very concrete collective bargaining demands" such as raising "age-old rates", as Baublies said. Even the "starvation wages for beginners" would have to change. The Lufthansa have not talked to UFO representatives for "a year".

The union wants to find solutions at the negotiating table instead of going on strike, Baublies told AFP. But: "On the weekend meat must be on the bone." If both sides find binding agreements, "we can announce on Monday that the strikes are suspended". Otherwise, continue to strike.

Strike at Lufthansa: More than 400 flights canceled on Friday – Saturday also threaten cancellations

Update of November 8, 2019: On the second day of the Flight attendant strike in the Lufthansa There are numerous at Frankfurt Airport losses, Be in the early morning 414 from 1362 Flights have been canceled, said a spokesman for Frankfurt Airport. After this Special flight plan Lufthansa is scheduled for around the world on Friday 600 flights fail.

Even after strikers are for Saturday first some more Cancel expected because machines and crews are not the right one locations are. On Thursday, according to a union spokesman 800 flights have been canceled. By doing labor dispute between Lufthansa and the Union UFO The main issue is whether UFO can enforce collective agreements for cabin crew. Lufthansa had already voluntarily implemented a salary increase of 2.0 percent.

Strike at Lufthansa: meeting at a secret location

Update 16:03: Obviously, have yourself Lufthansa and the cabin crew union UFO ready for a joint conversation. First of all, the strike that started on Thursday (7 November) will continue throughout Friday, said UFO spokesman Nicoley Baublies at a strike meeting in Munich.

Speaking of secret location – UFO threatens the Lufthansa

According to reports, the conciliation on Sunday is to begin in a secret place. Need confidentiality to resolve difficult legal issues, said Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, who announced on the same day new austerity packages at several Group subsidiaries. "If we settle, it must have legal backing."

Lufthansa had for months denied the UFO board the right to represent and rejected any negotiations. UFO spokesman Baublies called the maneuver a "turnaround". I hope for an approach. "If it does not work, we have to announce on Monday it there are more strikes"Added the former UFO chairman.

UFO strike: agreement on tariff dispute with Lufthansa in sight?

Update 2:23 pm: in the Tariff conflict with Lufthansa The flight attendant union UFO has agreed a conciliation with the enterprise. UFO "accepts the bargaining offer," the union said Thursday on its website. Accordingly, "once no extension of the strikes" is planned. At night, a 48-hour strike had the flight attendant at the Lufthansa 180,000 passengers are affected by flight cancellations. Germany's largest airline was approached on the union side against this background.

Lufthansa chief – talks with UFO are to be resumed

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said that he wanted to start talks with UFO "with the aim of reconciling the arbitration offered yesterday by the UFO in the interest of our customers and employees". After a "constructive and successful top discussion" with representatives of Verdi and the Cabin Union see the Lufthansa "Now able to engage in discussions with all three groups".

Spohr expressed his confidence in overcoming the legal hurdles in this regard. "We want the legal problems in the confidential framework with the UFO clarify this weekend, "he said. Lufthansa does not yet recognize the union's power to represent the cabin.

UFO did not participate in a top discussion with Lufthansa: "pure PR show"

UFO did not participate in the top-level discussion between the airline and other union representatives, which interpreted the union as a "pure PR show". Instead, on Thursday she actually wanted to "inform about possible extensions of the strikes of the coming days".

The Lufthansa For the time being, the exact damage caused by the flight attendants could not be quantified. It should cost but in the amount of ten to 20 million euros per day, it said in the company.

Lufthansa strike: Is there now an agreement in the collective bargaining conflict?

Update 9:33: The Lufthansa want that Tariff conflict with the flight attendants solve it in a conciliation. After a month-long conversation break declared CEO Carsten Spohr on Thursday expressly, that now again the conversation with the union UFO search. The aim is to agree on the arbitration offered by UFO. So far, the group had rejected discussions with the argument that the UFO board was not authorized to represent.

It was preceded on Wednesday evening by a conversation with the competing unions Verdi and the new "Cabin Union", which had not been noticed by the UFO. Lufthansa wants to talk to all three groups, who are ultimately jealous of who for the round 21,000 flight attendants the core company Lufthansa collective agreements can conclude.

Lufthansa chaos: 180,000 passengers affected – more than a thousand flights are canceled

Update from November 7, 7:20: At the Lufthansa has in the night to Thursday 48-hour strike by flight attendants began. The match began, according to a spokesman for the cabin crew union UFO as planned around midnight, Tens of thousands of Lufthansa customers have to until Friday night Flight cancellations and delays accept. Due to the strike, 1300 flights are expected to be canceled on both days, 180,000 passengers are affected.

Lufthansa strike: 1300 flights are to be canceled

Update 19.30: The Lufthansa has also failed with its second attempt to stop the Thursday scheduled strike of their flight attendants by legal means. The Hessian State Labor Court declined on Wednesday evening in Frankfurt to stop the industrial action of the union Ufo with a restraining order. In the morning, the Frankfurt Labor Court had already ruled against Lufthansa in the first instance.

Strike at Lufthansa – 1300 flights are to be canceled

Update from 13.59 clock: Lufthansa has because of the strike call of the cabin crew union UFO for Thursday and Friday the Failure of a total of 1300 flights announced. All in all 180,000 passengers are affected, the company said. On Thursday, therefore, of about 3,000 scheduled flights 2300 take place, on Friday 2400 of 3000.

Lufthansa fails with application – flight attendants strike for 48 hours

Update from 6th November: The Labor Court Frankfurt am Main has scheduled from Thursday Two-day strike by flight attendants at Lufthansa declared for right. A court spokeswoman said that Lufthansa's application for injunction had been rejected. The planned strike action was "not obviously unlawful; this applies in particular with regard to the lawfulness and the ability to pay " Flight attendant union UFO,

Lufthansa had the interim disposal against the strike on Tuesday. Lufthansa doubts the power of attorney the UFO for the cabin crew. The group sees the "union property" unclear. Lufthansa said Wednesday that the group took the decision of the Labor Court "with regret to note" and announced vocation at.

UFO has for Thursday from 00.00 clock to Friday 24.00 clock called for a strike at the core company Lufthansa. The airline announced on Wednesday, she would now as soon as possible one Special flight plan publish. It will "do everything possible to minimize the impact on customers".

Already on Tuesday, the airline had informed its customers that they could charge their flights valid on strike days rebook or on domestic German routes instead of a flyer the German Railways use. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr has the representatives of UFO, but also the competing unions Verdi and Cabin Union (CU) for Wednesday evening to top-level talks invited. Initially, UFO did not want to publicly announce whether the union accepts the invitation.

Two days Lufthansa strike in Germany – flight chaos later this week?

Frankfurt am Main – Airline passengers have to adjust to waiting times or flight cancellations on Thursday and Friday: The union UFO has the Flight attendant at Germany's largest airline Lufthansa to a 48-hour strike called.

The flight attendants want to resign from Thursday from 0.00 clock to Friday 24.00 clock their work, as the union announced on Monday. This affects all Lufthansa flights that start in and out of Germany during this time.

Further calls to other German airlines of the group are possible at any time. Again, the entire group will be affected, announced the UFO vice-president Daniel Flohr.

Strikes at Lufthansa: Union UFO announces 48 hours outage

One of the reasons Flohr mentioned was the continuing "refusal of Lufthansa to negotiate our claims". He also referred to the "clear results of our ballot votes" and the "successful warning strikes" on 20 October.

Lufthansa wants to stop the announced strike of flight attendants by legal means. One condemn the "massive" call of the union UFO in the strongest and consider legal action against it, said a company spokesman on Monday in Frankfurt. At the same time, work is underway on a replacement flight plan.

Strike at Lufthansa: Already in October there were problems

The union had announced on Friday that the workforce of Lufthansa and their four subsidiaries Eurowings, Germanwings, SunExpress and CityLine had spoken out "by an overwhelming majority for the extension of strikes".

Just over two weeks ago, UFO called the flight attendants on four Lufthansa subsidiaries for a 19-hour strike. According to Lufthansa, however, only a few flights were canceled. The last regular UFO strike at the Lufthansa core company dates from 2015.

Strike at Lufthansa: background is a bitter trade union dispute

Behind the labor dispute is a bitter Dispute between UFO and Lufthansa: The group doubts UFO's power of representation for the cabin crew and sees the "union nature" as unclear.

The Lufthansa strike also affected Munich Airport. That's what passengers need to pay attention to now. ( *)

The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings recently made the climate activist Greta Thunberg a kind of "immoral offer". Negative headlines were available a few days ago from competitor Ryanair. Chaos has been in the past months again and again at Munich Airport.

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