"Men's clubs" should no longer be charitable – business


Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants that pure men's clubs no longer enjoy the status of a non-profit organization and the associated benefits. "We are just changing the charitable law," said the SPD politician Picture on Sunday, "Clubs that basically do not accept women are, in my view, not charitable, and those who exclude women should not have tax benefits and issue donation receipts."

There are "hundreds of clubs throughout Germany, such as archery guilds or sports clubs, which only allow men," said Scholz. Scholz is running for office with Klara Geywitz for the SPD presidency. Next to them are Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken.

When asked whether pure men's clubs can be charitable, the Federal Finance Court had already considered a decision in 2017: According to this, a Masonic lodge that had excluded women from membership was not charitable. The Lodge had no compelling factual reasons for the exclusion of women, the court ruled. At that time it was said that the decision could affect other clubs. Recognition of charitable status is a prerequisite for tax benefits.

Work and Social Too modern and too political for the common good?

Too modern and too politically for the common good?

Carnivalists, shooting clubs and even the armaments lobby are considered nonprofit – globalization critic but not. After the verdict against Attac arise questions.By Jana Anzlinger

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