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The candidate for the SPD presidency, Klara Geywitz, has Chancellor Angela Merkel accused of wanting to wear down their opponents through sleep deprivation. "With Angela Merkel
 are kidnapping decisions and sleep deprivation a means of
Politics, "said the co-candidate of Olaf Scholz the Picture on Sunday,
 "But it does not fit into the present day, that almost everyone
Coalition Committee takes until sunrise and the politicians then with
very small eyes their allegedly ingenious compromises, they at night
meet at 5 o'clock, announce. It's better and healthier. "

On Thursday, the CDU politician Matthias Hauer collapsed during a plenary session in the Bundestag. A little later, a member of the Left suffered a feeble attack. Several politicians have since one
Limitation of Parliament's sittings. With the
Night sessions "we should stop," said Bundestag vice president
Thomas Oppermann (SPD) the Munchner Merkur, "Midnight should be over."

For one
 Shortening of the debate time also spoke of the
SPD health policy Karl Lauterbach and the Stuttgarter
CDU delegate Stefan Kaufmann from. If you meet from 8 to 23, that's still 15
 Hours of work, said Lauterbach the editorial network

The CSU deputy and doctor Stephan Pilsinger is
also for a limitation of the debate time. He also called for one
Amendment of the Bundestag Rules of Procedure. "One or more additional ones
Meeting weeks could equalize the tight schedule, "said Pilsinger
of the Augsburger Allgemeine,

Union politicians, SPD and Left do it
also responsible and accuse the AfD, unnecessary debates on
to bring the agenda. Lauterbach referred to the debate on
Rescue of the cash while the tusk had collapsed. These
had applied for the AFD. Nobody wants to Bundestag the cash
abolish, said Lauterbach. "Previously, speeches were about topics where
Agreement exists, usually on record, "said Pilsinger.
The AfD insists on talking about all topics. "I think,
They are all about material for their video clips
to produce."

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