Mercedes-AMG G63 VS Audi RS3 Seat Leon Cupra R


Despite very different genres, these three cars show very similar performances in a straight line.

Difficult to find a real common point between a Mercedes-AMG G63 of 585 horses and a Seat Leon Cupra R ST of 310 horses. Admittedly, both machines have a steering wheel, four wheels and a large trunk. But they do not really play in the same yard.

The Audi RS3 Sportback, it is closer to the Seat although it costs significantly more than the latter. Note that the Seat here has an Abt preparation at 350 horses, which fills the gap a little with the 400 horsepower of the Audi.

Three-way race

Carwow journalists had fun doing a straight line race between these three models. And as you will see below, the gap is ultimately very small between the three models. The victory really played little on arrival …

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