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Berlin – The ground rent comes! After months of wrestling, the tips of GroKo agreed yesterday evening in the evening with sliced ​​and ice in the chancellery on a concept for basic pension (launch date: January 1, 2021). Cost: 1.5 billion euros.

The compromise – a lifeline for the GroKo! Until recently, the fate of the coalition hung on this agreement.

BILD explains what awaits us now.

► The basic pension is to be paid to people who have paid into state pension provision for at least 35 years and yet can hardly live off their earnings. In the future they will receive a pension that is ten percent above basic social security (formerly social welfare).

► The basic pension is designed as a SUPPLEMENT to the pension rights that these people have acquired through work, child rearing or care. They are almost treated as if they had worked for 80 percent of an average wage in those 35 years.

► Lastly, it was disputed whether a NEED is to be a condition for the payment of the basic pension. That had been so firmly agreed in the coalition agreement. But the SPD suddenly wanted an unconditional payout (without this check).

Imminent consequence: many more recipients, COST of more than four billion euros. The comrades blackmailed the Union so that at their party congress in December otherwise the exit of the SPD from the government alliance could be decided.

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Photo: dpa

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The party leaders explain the basic pension compromise before the pressPhoto: dpa

Union breaks in

► Brisant: The Union was actually FALLEN Yesterday! The comprehensive means test, which would necessarily include real estate ownership and account assets, does NOT come in this form.

► Only a so-called "comprehensive income test" is planned. This INCOME BALANCE should be automated between the pension insurance and the tax authorities, so that no pension recipient has to ask the Office for an appointment and disclose all his finances.

► The basic pension is given to single persons with a total income of up to € 1,250 / month and couples with an income of € 1,950 / month (including: previous pension and other income such as rent or dividends).

It does not take into account very low income from mini jobs. Because: pensioners would otherwise be punished if they earn something. In addition to working years, educational periods, compulsory contribution years for care and sick leave should be recognized as contribution periods.

Giant problem of compromise: In extreme cases, the GroKo could even give millionaires a poor pension! Example: A married couple (without significant income) who lives in a two-million-euro villa and has 500,000 euros in the safe deposit box. They too will be entitled to the basic pension in the future (because they do not receive any INCOME from their assets).

Praise from pension pope Riester

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Walter Riester talks about the situation of the SPD and pensionPhoto: picture alliance / rtn – radio t

Praise comes from "pension pope" Walter Riester (76, SPD, inventor of the Riester pension): "There was no better compromise. I welcome that there is finally an agreement. "

CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (57) said: "We have smashed a big knot in this coalition." It was a "good and acceptable for the CDU solution."

SPD leader Malu Dreyer (58) spoke of a "social policy milestone".

CSU boss Markus SOder (52) praised that as an "innovation impulse" the contribution to the unemployment insurance is reduced – from 2.5 to 2.4 percent, so the decision yesterday.

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