Mess!! Qatar gets fed up with Xavi and the player now doesn't know where to go …


And the problems arrived for Xavi Hernandez. After four seasons placid as a player of the current team the one who trains, Al-Saad, the change of role of the former player came to be released as coach in the same team and with that changed Xavi's life completely. The player when he finishes the game goes home to continue with his life Y when the game ends the coach goes home to continue with the preparation of the next.

In addition to the workload of one and the other, It is important to mention that almost 100% of the responsibility for the failures rests on the master and that supposed to be the one who almost certainly in case of crisis will pay for the broken dishes and you will see your job in jeopardy, while this does not happen among soccer players.

What does this mean? Well, what Xavi Hernandez has lived for 4 years in an oasis that is now running out of water and start seeing the dangers a coach faces: the pressure that the hobby exerts on managers and as these are forced to make abrupt decisions to prevent the cries of protest going towards them.

After a very bad run these screams they have been heard in the field of Al-Saad and were clearly directed to Xavi and his possible dismissal as coach. His team has been eliminated in the semifinals of the Asian Champions League and if this were not enough in league is moving away from the leadershipor with a run of four losses in their last 6 games with 18 goals conceded.

Xavi may be living his last games as coach of Al-Saad and soon have to pack up to leave your beloved country in looking for a new destiny with a political regime if not the sameyeah at least as "good" as the Qatari. Good luck Xavi.

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