"Messi 10", the show in honor of Lionel Messi, near breaking a record


        The majestic event will arrive in Argentina. We tell you when and where!        </p><div>

A month has passed after the Cirque du Soleil made the world premiere of the show "Messi 10" in Barcelona, Spain. Now he is about to break a record, yes !, like everything that is related to Argentine soccer star, Lionel Messi. The circus company announced in a press release that it will soon reach 100 thousand spectators.

However, the creators of the show were given the task of extending the functions performed at the Barcelona Forum because of the reception it has had. So it will be until next January 4, 2020 that the audience can enjoy this massive and colorful event. It should be noted that for the day of the premiere, the Barcelona player made an appearance to appreciate the show.

While Sean McKeown, director
creative of "Messi10", offered an interview to the agency EFE, in which
assured that the members of the Canadian company are "very proud" of the result and
Public acceptance “We started on October 10 and we are very
proud The premiere was incredible, with many people and, since that day, it has been
one success after another. "

In other statements, Mckown
he described as "the formula of success" the interaction that acrobats
They kept up with the public. “It's great how
people interact and also when the public comes and tells you: I enjoyed
a lot because it’s been like I’m in a soccer game. ” Further,
He stressed that there are about 47 artists on stage who transmit “the legacy and
values ​​of Leo ”in an 18-number show that includes juggling, acrobatics and
With soccer balls.

Finally, Mckown.
He said: “We were able to like the fans of the circus and, by
at the same time, create a show that is accessible to soccer fans
(…) It is a show for all generations. I've seen men, who are
football fans with their women, I have seen children of 5 years with
his grandparents, having a great time, ”adds the creative director of the show.

If football itself and its techniques with the ball are usually exciting, how great it would be to combine them with the magic of theater, circus and acrobatics! Far from looking utopian, next year will be a reality. And best of all, it will combine the magic of the circus with Argentine football.

He Cirque du Soleil announced a new function in Argentina in 2020 that will be inspired by one of the football legends: Lionel Messi. Although the massive show will premiere in Barcelona in October, the country will arrive next year to steal the admiration of many. Expand the details of this note of The Intransigent.


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