Messi caused an unthinkable reaction of two Barcelona fans | VIDEO World Soccer


Lionel messi It always generates unique sensations in all people. However, what caused two Uruguayan children, followers of Barcelona, it will be something unforgettable for him.

The huge gesture of kindness of Leo Messi with some children. (Video: YouTube)

The little ones stopped walking Lionel messi and this, in a wonderful gesture of kindness, had no qualms about talking with them at the exit of the stadium.

"This is a fucking dream," exclaimed the uniformed children with the colors of Barcelona. One of them said he has Lionel messi “As a wallpaper on the cell phone, on the computer”.

The father of both children was also admired by the simplicity of Lionel messi and recorded the encounter on his cell phone. In a matter of hours the cip ended up spreading on social networks.

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