'Messi has a spectacular talent for throwing fouls'


Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Barcelona goalkeeper, joined the wave of praise for his partner Lionel Messi, who on Saturday scored three goals against Celta, two of them free kick.

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The German, who in practice faces the Argentine in the ball stop charges, revealed how they work and the admiration he feels for the effectiveness of the attacker.

“Leo is special. It is not normal the mistakes he has made in his career. He has a spectacular talent for throwing fouls. We never have a barrier in training, ”he told reporters after the victory against Celta de Vigo.

On the other hand, Ter Stegen said that there is self-criticism in the team, so he raised his voice after the bad performance they had in the Champions League against Salvia Prague.

“It always becomes self-critical. It is normal, after each match, even with a victory like today. There are always things to improve. We are soccer players and we want to be professionals, also in self-criticism, to be up. The other teams want to beat us and we want to follow leaders in the League, Champions and wherever, and that's the way. ”

Finally, the goalkeeper highlighted the victory against Celta, just in the break of La Liga for the FIFA Date, so they will continue tied in points with Real Madrid in the lead, but better goal difference.

“A victory is always good. At first we were complicated because they pressed one on one and it was difficult to pass the ball to a player who had a rival on his back. But in the end we lied in the game and were able to score the goals, ”said Ter Stegen.

“We expected changes in Celta's drawing due to the change of coach and it was confirmed in the match. It is never easy to play against a team that fights down there and therefore they are three very important points for us. ”

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