Messi points to him and signs his sentence, after Barca-Celta


Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde praised Lionel Messi's perfect performance after his three goals, including two magnificent free throws, which helped beat Celta de Vigo 4-1 and put the team back at the top of the league.

The convincing 4-0 victory of Real Madrid in Eibar on Saturday had kept the pressure. Messi gave Barca an early advantage from the penalty spot, only for Celta, in his first game under the direction of the new coach Oscar Garcia, to tie through a free kick by Lucas Olaza.

The Argentine game creator, however, produced his own free kick for Barca to put Barca back in the lead at halftime.

Messi completed his triplet, matching Cristiano Ronaldo's 34-year-old record in LaLiga, when he scored another flawless ball goal Shortly after the resumption.

Sergio Busquets, who had been a substitute in the first half, crashed in a fourth place at the end of the second half, when Barcelona he returned to the top by goal difference above Real Madrid.

Valverde said that with the Argentine star in their ranks everything is possible and that in the match he had perfectly mastered the ball. The other day they had a painful defeat that for the technician supposed a wave of dismissal requests, in fact Messi himself put the name of the technician's substitute on the table, and This is no secret to anyone. At this time the costumes follow Leo much more than the coach and although they are still leaders in the leaderboard this is not good news, because a team that does not follow his coach, It is a team condemned not to understand each other. Bartomeu announced his total and unconditional confidence in Valverde, because he has always brought balance in the dressing room, and this had been so until this season that the moods are much more scrambled. In fact it seems that every time the fans see a different team play every time they jump into the field, and this in the long run is not sustainable.

Messi does not love him, however much the technician approaches, the costumes are with the Argentine, except Rakitik who is already more aware of his future sale, something about which Messi has also opined since he assured that the squad is playing and who does not already know where the door is.

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