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Leo Messi He was the undisputed protagonist of the day in LaLiga by marking an impressive 'hat-trick' in Barca's 4-1 victory against Celta. The Argentine scored two spectacular goals of direct free and another penalty to lead their own. With this triplet, add 8 goals in the League and 9 in total this campaign.

So far in 2019, the '10' has scored a total of 39 goals in 41 games and, under normal conditions, the year would end as top scorer in all of Europe. But unfortunately for the star Rosario, in the Bundesliga plays a Robert Lewandowski that is not going to make it easy. The Polish striker reached a new record this day in Germany after his double against Borussia Dortmund.

The tip scored 1-0 and 3-0 in the Bavarian win against the 4-0 Lucien Favre and has already scored 23 goals in 18 official matches this season. They are impressive figures that has accompanied with an even more incredible milestone. Warsaw's He became the first player in the German league to score in eleven consecutive days. In other words, the '9' has marked at least one target in all the days that have been played to date.

How could it be otherwise, the stiletto of Bayern is now the 'Pichichi' of the Bundesliga with 16 goals and is on his way to the Golden Boot. But the Polish not only wants that award and wants to take away Messi's privilege of being the top scorer of 2019. At the moment, he has two goals more than the Barca player, since he has scored 41 in 40 matches played.

He The last Golden Ball is not going to have anything easy to beat a Lewandowski who is showing more intractable than ever at 31 years old. The former Dortmund is unstoppable and day after day demonstrates his extraordinary moment of form and the hunger he has. Bayern has not started as well as its star, but the muniqueses hope to redirect their situation after this win against Borussia.

Messi, near the 'Pichichi', but far from the Golden Boot

Barca, meanwhile, has not started the course too well, but its 'crack' has put cruising speed to take theirs to the highest levels. Messi is in overwhelming mode and in a short time it will be placed as 'Pichichi' of LaLiga. Benzema is now the top scorer in Spain with 9 goals and the '10' is already only one. The Golden Boot will be another song, since the Polish doubles him in goals and does not seem to stop scoring.

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