Mia Cambiaso, the daughter of "Adolfito" and Maria Vazquez introduced her boyfriend polista


While polo players are already throbbing an Argentine Open that is coming passionately, the second most important tournament in the world, Hurlingham, had a weekend at the height of the circumstances. And defined once again as finalists to La Dolfina and Ellerstina, who dodged the semifinals with more difficulties on the side of those of Canuelas before the caliber of a demanding opponent. It was Sunday 4 when the most attractive day was lived with 78 handicap goals on Hurlingham's lawn, where the duel between La Dolfina and Las Monjitas was more locked than imagined. And the discussions that generated the large amount of penalties ruled the scene at times. "We are going to turn it around", During the break of the fourth chukker, the DT of the"oranges" Eduardo Heguy (53), to his players, disillusioned by that partial disadvantage of six goals. And his words were close to being reflected, since the miraculous equality almost comes true when a criminal William Caset (33) crashed into one of the wicker in the sixth chukker. Those of "Adolfito"Change (44) They did not miss that opportunity and returned to sing victory by 17 to 14, qualifying for the final of next Saturday against their old rival. A final that by decision of the organizers will not be played in the west of Buenos Aires, but in the iconic scenario of polo, court 1 of Palermo.

The public call did not clash on Sunday, with a couple who took refuge in a corner of the wooden stands to spend as inappropriate as possible. They are Mine Cambiaso (16), the daughter of “Adolfito”, And the young polista Juan Martin Zubia (20), who in the morning had been included in the victory of his team, La Ensenada, against Cria Yatay. Unperturbed and very “in his”, They preferred the anonymity of the boards before the visibility of the palenque of La Dolfina, where everyone wants to pass and be. Referring to future generations of polistas, the relationship was born when both traveled to the United States polo season, at the beginning of the year, and grows without haste or pause. Together they celebrated another success of Cambiaso, whom Zubia will have to face with La Ensenada on the third date of Palermo. "Adolfito”He also had the unconditional support of his wife, Maria Vazquez (44), and from his mother, Martina de Estrada. And when it was late afternoon he received a visit from the American businessman in the palenque Marc Ganzi, one of the strong men of the Palm Beach polo.

In the palenque opposite, Las Monjitas also had its own, especially from the presence of its Colombian employer, the powerful businessman Baptist Camilo (63). Accompanied by his current wife, Eliana, he followed the first four chukkers from the rostrum, but when the worst things were for the team he approached the palenque and lived it from the terrace next to the “Russian"Heguy. And although he lamented for a new missed opportunity to reach a final, he has plenty of optimism and confidence for the future. Another familiar face was that of the former Puma Gonzalo Quesada (45), now successful coach of Los Jaguares. He only separated from his beautiful wife, the Lithuanian model Melne League (37), to watch the game from the terrace next to the coaching staff, while she witnessed it in another sector with the woman of the “Toad"Caset, Ines Badiola. Outside the palenque, but near the petiseros and the horse, the son of Francisco de Narvaez (66), "Paco”By Narvaez (43), also suffered from the luck of the orange quartet. His father's friendship with fellow countryman Camilo Bautista makes him a habit of Las Monjitas parties. In the past, it should be remembered, “Paco”He played Triple Crown tournaments with the El Paraiso shirt.

The season progresses and the high handicap polo already has two very final ones reserved between La Dolfina and Ellerstina, which will define the Hurlingham champion, next Saturday, and that of Tortugas, on Friday, November 15. Two tasty and succulent entrees before the big main course that Palermo will represent.

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