Microsoft is testing new photo gallery for the Your Phone App


With the Your Phone App or "your smartphone", you can connect your smartphone to the PC. This allows you to leave your cell phone in your pocket and manage notifications, photos and SMS easily on the PC. For the photo gallery of the Your Phone App, Microsoft is now testing a new design.

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Big step forward

The previous presentation of the photos was so far rather rudimentary. The new gallery is now taking a big step forward and also allows full-screen viewing, where you can open, copy, save and share the photo in the Windows 10 Photo app.

The new view is currently being tested with some Windows insiders and should soon be rolled out for regular users as well. With the colleagues of Aggiornamenti Lumia you can already see the new gallery in action.

If you'd like more information about the Your Phone App, feel free to take a look at our in-depth information article or watch our YouTube video on "Your Smartphone" app.

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Do you use the "your smartphone" app? How do you like the app? Which functions would you wish for in the future? Do you like the new photo gallery?

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