Mina Bonino confirmed her six month pregnancy


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10 November, 2019 10:51

The journalist Mina Bonino left Argentina in April and went to live in Spain with her boyfriend Federico Valverde, Real Madrid player, with whom he has been with his partner since February.

Federico Valverde and the gesture that confirms his paternity
Federico Valverde and the gesture that confirms his paternity.

By posting on her Instagram account, the journalist Bonino Mine, who amazed everyone by confirming in April this year that he was leaving everything and was going to live in Madrid.

Mina and Federico They met by messages on Instagram, so it was the place chosen to show the images of family happiness. When his romance began, Mina had assured that with Valverde: “We complement each other. It makes me remember my dad for the inner peace he has. ”

Mina Bonino revealed that it was what conquered her from Valverde and confessed: "I want to stay with him forever"

After the player's goal, the journalist posted: “I congratulate you my love! You are pure egg. Pure heart, and it is the reflection of what you give on the court. The goal only came to give you more confidence and continue to strengthen you, because the road is long, but here Benicio and I are going to be supporting you. ”

Mina Bonino announced her pregnancy
Mina Bonino announced her pregnancy

"And now yes, I thank those who knew and respected our silence these six months of pregnancy, if we decided not to make it public before, it was because I didn't want anything to overshadow the moment Fede was having, in full competitions and with important games where it was time to gain ownership, ”he continued. Mine.

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"Surely everyone has the face of Luka at this time, and have many doubts, but perhaps it is further proof that it doesn't matter the time, the place, but the person and that is why we decided from the first moment to enlarge the family. I would have liked to take a picture with my belly, the shirt of River he already has and Fede, but Benicio still does not finish peeking 😋 and that's why he grabs me off guard with a prickly picture, ”the journalist continued writing in the long post.

The journalist starred in a strong fight with Sol Perez while still an Instruse panelist. Video: America

Very hard Bonino mine against Sol Perez: "Do you know what it feels like to be about to die and get thrown out of a mine that is very good?"

In conclusion, Mine He pointed at the haters and said: “We say bad milk comments, because we overflow with happiness in every way, and love and happiness overrides any kind of envy. @fedeevalverde I can already tell you dad ❤️ ”.

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