Minister of Justice of Bolivia considers option to bet on peace


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The Minister of Justice of Bolivia, Hector Arce, evaluated today as an option before the social context generated by the opposition to the Government to bet on peace, tranquility and dialogue.

"Before the announcements of mobilizations and other actions summoned irresponsibly by various political and civic actors, the option is always to bet on peace, tranquility, and above all for dialogue," said the authority.

In an interview with the Pan-American radio station, he valued the determination assumed by the president, Evo Morales, to call new elections, for the sake of stability, peace, the defense of life, which is the reason for the State.

'That has been the vision with which the National Executive has acted for more than 13 years, has preferred to opt for peace, tranquility and the defense of life and in that sense has requested the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to call a new general election, 'said Arce.

He explained that this would invalidate the election of last October 20 and also the formation, within the framework of a great national consensus, of a new Supreme Electoral Tribunal so that in this way the process that Bolivian society needs in this way can be generated moment.

For the incumbent, the president made a call to peace, to the tranquility that is the most important. "They know what the nation has experienced in recent days, complicated, complex days, with an unjustified riot of the Bolivian police and all this could put life, the security of the people at risk," he said.

He exemplified that 'in Bolivia we have always been able to solve our conflicts through consultation, dialogue. This happened in 2006, in 2008, we did it in 2005 when the first process that Morales won was called, and now it should not be the exception, '' he said.

"We must all have the ability to find objective, precise solutions together through dialogue," the minister summoned, and lamented the reaction of some political representatives.

He explained in Carlos Mesa that 'when a call is made to peace, tranquility and dialogue, the agreement based on what he has asked for, joins the sectors that are considering deinstitutionalization, the resignation of the president, which in other words is a coup d'etat. '

The representative of the Citizen Community alliance, at a press conference following the announcement of the constitutional leader, established that in the new electoral process Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera cannot be candidates.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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