Minus of 1.8 percent: fewer young people started in teaching


Heuer have fewer young people in Austria a teaching started than last year. This is what the numbers of the Commerce near, that the APA available. As of October 31, there were 34,497 apprentices in their first year of apprenticeship, down 1.8 percent from 31 October 2018. Most 15-year-olds begin their apprenticeship apprenticeship training usually after the summer holidays in autumn.

The decline in tourism was particularly strong, with 10.5 percent to 2,951 apprentices. In the inter-company apprenticeship training the minus was 14.2 percent to 2,865 apprentices in the first year of training. In the industry, there were an increase of 2.3 percent with 4,657 new entrants. If you cling to the inter-company apprenticeship training from, the minus is 0.5 percent lower.

"Companies are struggling to find a solution"

The Commerce explains the declines with the Skills shortagewho is now on the apprentice market break through completely. "Companies are desperately looking for young people to open apprenticeships, but can not occupy these," said WKO apprentice expert Alfred Freundlinger of APA, Often, desired occupations and required qualifications would not match the offer.

The Chamber of Labor has recently come to a completely different conclusion in its analysis of the apprenticeship market. According to her, about 22,000 young people find despite finding no apprenticeship in a company.

A total of around 110,000 people are currently enrolled in Austria a apprenticeship training, more than 102,000 of them in companies.

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