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Most recently, two games without conceding after a standard situation – before the home game against Vaduz it seemed as if the patient FC Aarau at least the worst symptoms of his immune deficiency going on. Until the Liechtenstein side make it to their first corner in the fourth minute: Milan Gajic's cross on the back post is neither sharp nor precise, but team-mate Yannick Schmid enjoys more freedom in Donald Trump's White House and hits the ball as in the pinball box through the Aarauer box jumps and finally by Manuel Sutter's leg over the line.

Aarauer in this situation? In collective deep sleep. And then it nestles in the heads, the uncertainty when the other team comes to a dormant ball: You want to avoid the goal, even more than usual, but the voice in the subconscious says that it will happen again.

27 minutes: After a foul of the category «stupid» by Damir Mehidic it is again Gajic, who proposes from the sidelines a free kick into the Aarauer box, where Berkay SulungOz sneaks to the penalty spot without resistance and einnetzt in falling. The 2: 1 for Vaduz should not have counted, because SulungOz steers the ball with his elbow into the gate. But the Aarau people should not think about this primarily, but the freedom that the Vaduzer once more enjoys.

Coach's frame: "Proved Against Strong Opponent Morality"

As if the re-emergence of the standard plague was not bad enough, FCA coach Patrick Rahmen's words look deep, and more than that, they're a bankruptcy statement: "The opponent set the standards the same way I did with the players but we get caught twice. The positive thing is: The team has proven their morale against a strong opponent, who is currently on par with the top teams, and has twice cleared the backlog. "

Markus Neumayr owes his name to this: First he exploits a penalty to 1: 1 (17, foul on Donat Rrudhani), then he hits a corner precisely on the head of Patrick Rossini, who nods to 2: 2 (33) ,

Neumayr can not rejoice over his points scorer, it outweighs the trouble of not having accepted the steep passes of the competition: "Winterthur and GC have lost points, Wil has lost – with a win we would be back on top. And that is my claim. Honestly, what's the use of playing the golden pineapple in Challenge League midfield? "

Neumayr's clear words: "That's not realistic"

It is clear to Neumayr why the FCA lags behind expectations: "In the spring, thanks to our strength of defense, we won a lot of games. On average, we receive more than two goals per game this season. We would have to meet at least three times each week to win. That's not realistic. "Is the clean sheet flood, a total of 30 in 14 games, 11 after dormant balls, a question of quality? Neumayr: "Others have to judge that …"

After the international break Aarau succeeds successively against GC (rank 2) and Winterthur (rank 4). Another chance, with victories against the direct competitors to make the connection to the top table region before the winter break. The prerequisite for this is an effective remedy against the standard disease. Where: Given the season so far, it probably needs a potion for it. Miraculix, take over!

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