Mirinaque, the foal that does not go out of style, won the National Grand Prix in Palermo


Mirinaque and Goncalves left Tetaze and Calvente behind, at the end of the Triple Crown Source: LA NACION – Credit: Carlos Lares

Crinoline, the arena of


It suits him very well. It is your place in the world. There he is educated for the competition since he left the field in which he was raised who are still his owners, and today the scepter of the younger generation is tested on the Argentine tracks. He grew up winning races at that racecourse and this Saturday, two months after he won at Polla de Potrillos,
The curb also took over the National Grand Prix (G1), the closing of the Triple Crown. If he was not in the tiny select group that caught the three gems in a row it was because in his passage through the heavy grass of San Isidro, when the brave Roman Joy won the Jockey Club, he had his only dull afternoon and was in fourth place.

But back to their habitat, their progress was once again overwhelming. Tetaze could not contain it, which had passed in front of the lot with 500 of the 2500 meters missing, after avoiding fighting with Emmanuel's Heaven, at the beginning, and with the Brazilian In Love, on the opposite straight and the last elbow. Mirinaque's push was uncontrollable, although "when he went on to win he tamed," as he said, surprised,
Francisco Goncalves, the rider who six years after having settled in Argentina could impose himself in the Derby, a test that he had already obtained twice in his homeland.

"I was missing a big success," he confessed when the glasses were already being delivered and could not stop smiling and wanted to hug with everyone. Just him, who is the one who has won the most triumphs this year and is on track to win the statistic again, and that adds five top international trophies in 2019, including La Polla and the Province of Buenos Aires, which is La Nacional Silver. Ambitious, wants more. Quality and quantity are in your notebook.

Goncalves stayed with the test that everyone wanted and where he celebrated as if he were a child. He stood in the stirrups, pointed to the sky, gave himself to the emotion that the group that almost covered the tordillo in the traditional photo was spreading. At 29, the Brazilian was carried away by intuition and bet on this foal since those initial defeats in 1000 meters did not allow dreaming of this goal. "I always knew that the best of him would come with increasing distances. He is a small horse, but he has a very big heart," he described. The time and the results proved him right: Mirinaque won the last four times he competed in Palermo.

Another trophy for Francisco Goncalves, who this time stayed with the National - Copa Laboratorios Bago
Another trophy for Francisco Goncalves, who this time stayed with the National – Copa Laboratorios Bago Source: LA NACION – Credit: Carlos Lares

This time, as in La Polla, with extra condiments. Why
Maria Cristina Munoz He was not satisfied with being the first woman coach to win at the start of the Triple Crown and now also marked that milestone in the National … which will also remain as the last one that will have run
Pablo Falero, which defuses the daisy between retiring on December 14, at Carlos Pellegrini, in San Isidro, or on January 6, in Maronas, the main racecourse of its land. Assume, yes, there will be no other Derby for him as a jockey. "I want to leave when I decide and not to retire because I am no longer reliable," he sentenced six days ago, in Rio Cuarto, when he traveled, he won the classic and was applauded by the Cordoba. On Saturday, the first equestrian commandment was: "You will not leave without the photo with Falero."

Another illustrious figure of the day was
Wilson Moreyra, who stayed with the other three classics, including the Palermo GP (G1), with Pinball Wizard, and the GP Maipu (G1), with Art Show.


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