Misunderstanding – Moroccan international Hamdallah allowed to leave Saudi Arabia after hearing the prosecution


Finally free. Moroccan international Abderrazak Hamdallah, the striker of the Saudi club Al Nasr, was finally able to leave Riyadh for the United States for a short vacation on Saturday, after being prevented from doing so last Thursday. an altercation at the airport with a Saudi policewoman.

According to the Saudi press, the Moroccan attacker refused to allow his pregnant wife to enter the control gantry at Riyadh airport to avoid X-rays, a refusal that led to her altercation with the police.

+ A Saudi policewoman reportedly verbally abused his wife +

The footballer allegedly accused the Saudi female police officer of verbally abusing her wife, dismissing the police officer's charges against her during her hearing by the public prosecutor's office.

On Friday, the former Safi Olympic player, accompanied by the president of Al Nasr and his lawyer, went to the prosecutor's office to be heard.

Both parties, Hamdallah and the policewoman, left the prosecutor's office after giving their versions of the facts. However, the Attorney General asked to view the CCTV cameras of the airport area where the altercation occurred and to question the officials present at the time of the incident.


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