More than 80 graves vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in Denmark


A Jewish cemetery in Denmark was damaged this weekend (Photo illustration). – GERARD JULIEN / AFP

More than 80 graves were desecrated in a Jewish cemetery in Randers in western Denmark, police said on Sunday.

"More than 80 tombstones were painted with green graffiti and some gravestones were knocked down" in the Østre Kirkegård cemetery in Randers, the East Jutland police said in a statement.

Spilled paint

"There is no symbol or text written on the gravestones, but paint has been spilled," said police spokesman Bo Christensen, according to the local Ritzau news agency. A complaint was filed Saturday in the afternoon but police said ignore when exactly the graves were desecrated.

The Randers Jewish Cemetery was established in the early 19th century. With some 200 people, the city was the largest Jewish community outside Copenhagen.

6,000 Jews in Denmark

About 6,000 Jews live today in Denmark, mostly in the capital.

In 2015, the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen was the target of an attack that had killed one person. A 22-year-old Dane of Palestinian descent, Omar El-Hussein, killed two people and wounded five policemen on February 14, 2015 by attacking a lecture on freedom of speech and then the synagogue.

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