Motorists drive from Euskirchen to Leverkusen in the wrong direction – News


A wrong-way drive occupies the police in Euskirchen and Cologne. The trigger was an accident on the A1, in which a 29-year-old on Sunday morning (10.11.2019) was at Euskirchen drunk crashed into the middle barrier. He was seriously injured.

Car driver turned away from the accident traffic jam

The police locked up the scene of the accident. A 52-year-old broke through the suspension with his car. When the police pointed out to him that he could not get any further, he turned and sped away in the wrong direction. He damaged a private car and a fire truck.

On three tires on the way

The police took up the chase and used a helicopter as well. But she was only able to stop the wrong-way driver after 50 kilometers when he left his car in the north of Cologne. As it turned out, the vehicle was missing a tire, the man had driven only on the rim.

In addition, a quick test revealed that he was under the influence of medication. He will be responsible, among other things, for dangerous traffic interventions.

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