Movement to Socialism calls emergency in La Paz, Bolivia


La Paz, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) The Movement to Socialism (MAS) called its militants for emergency today at 08:00 local time, to this city to defend the president, Evo Morales, against threats from the current leader opponent

'Faced with the threats expressed yesterday by the hitman Fernando Camacho textual – I will stay in La Paz for as long as it takes to resign and take the current Government out of the palace', this warrants that from this moment we are in demand for fight, 'the blue organization said in a statement.He urged permanent mobilization at the national level in order to protect democracy in Bolivia, "this process belongs to the people and we will defend it with the courage of the people," senior leaders like Vice President Gerardo Garcia said on the eve almost midnight.

'From Saturday, November 9 at 08:00 hours to be present in the city of La Paz, the coordination must be under the responsibility of the departmental, regional, municipal directorates of the MAS and the political coordinators, trade unions, originating authorities , Bartolina Sisa ', they said.

They added to all organizations committed to the process of change 'whose objective is to defend the cultural democratic revolution and democracy achieved with the struggle of the people, defend our vote in the countryside and the city in favor of the winning Evo-Alvaro binomial, and finally expel to the fascist and his hitmen from the city of La Paz, 'they concluded.

The text issued by the MAS came in response to the social upheaval generated in the country on the late Friday night when the Police Operations Tactical Unit (UTOP) of the central department of Cochabamba rioted and opposition groups left in Beni, Potosi and Santa Cruz asks the military forces to lay down their weapons and join them in their actions.

The current president, Evo Morale, immediately wrote through Twitter 'sisters and brothers, our democracy is at risk due to the coup d'etat that violent groups have launched that undermine the constitutional order. We denounce this attempt against the rule of law before the international community, 'he said.

In his account @evoespueblo, he reiterated through another message the call to the people to 'peacefully take care of democracy and the CPE (Political Constitution of the State) to preserve peace and life as supreme goods above any political interest'.

The unity of the people will be the guarantee for the welfare of the Fatherland and social peace, pondered the statesman, who according to local media met early in the night at the Casa Grande del Pueblo (headquarters of the Executive) with members of the cabinet.

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