"Mr. Van Driessche was half fooled by Mbokani"


Godmerci Mbokani – © JOHAN EYCKENS – BELGA

This Sunday night in "Completely Foot" with David Houdret, Pascal Scime and Nordin Jbari, our arbitrage consultant, Stephane Breda, has notably returned to the provision of Bram Van Driessche during the match Antwerp – Club Brugge and the penalty kicked on Mbokani.

Stephane Breda about the referee's performance: "It was a very committed meeting, with 9 yellow cards. It's too much. And that means that the players have not calmed down despite the intervention of the referee. At some point, should he have moved up a gear? With regard to the interruption, this is not the first time that there is this kind of problem in Antwerp with the spectators. I think he did everything to be able to lead this match and he proceeded properly with the intervention of the speakers to assist him."

Our consultant continues on the whistled penalty on Mbokani: "I am very skeptical about the penalty that is whistled on him. There is contact but I have the impression that he comes looking for contact when he sees that it is no longer possible to play the ball. This is the kind of phase where I would prefer not to hiss penalty and we do not give a yellow card to the attacker because there is no simulation. Mbokani intensifies the contact hoping to get a penalty. This time he got it but I would not have whistled it. (…) However, it is not a scandal that Mr. Van Driessche whistles and I think it will not be even wrong. But when he goes to see the pictures again, he will surely say that he was half-fooled by Mbokani."

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