Muret: why these yellow vests are still there


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Vests yellow Muretain mobilize for 52 weeks at the roundabout Muret north. A "family" who "does not want to let go".

"We are the last resistants, the real ones. We will not let anything go. At the roundabout of Muret north, called "roundabout Mercedes", in reference to a concession nearby, they are thirty this Saturday morning to have prepared a gray plastic table. La Ramee roundabout in Tournefeuille? Abandoned. That of Lalande, north of Toulouse? Empty. The roundabouts of Capens, Carbonne, Boussens? "There are still a dozen people," says 60-year-old Johnny. But here, it holds. Thanks in particular to Yves, 71 years old, the kingpin of the movement, who parked his small trailer on the grassy sidewalk. Inside, there are three pork roasts for lunchtime barbecue, camembert, sausage "donated by a customer to the supermarket", twelve baguettes of bread, fruit juice and red wine. After 52 weeks of mobilization, the cool sun of November 9 warms the hearts. Johnny, retired from a large district heating company, lives in Saint-Araille, in the countryside, 55 km from Muret. "Every Saturday, we are here, from 8 am to 8 pm, we meet, we are a family now. I also come sometimes with my daughters, who are 33 and 36 years old. I do not mobilize for myself, but for those who are in poverty, who earn 700 €, it touches me. And then, for my children and my grandchildren. The government is deaf, wages are too low, pensions are not up to par. "When asked if he has anything else to do with his Saturdays, and what drives him to the bottom of him coming back here, Johnny confesses that it's "a little" for others. "We're good together, it's important." Yves explains that he made a heating system, but also that with the other "Vests", they thought about women, by tinkering with dry toilets sheltered, installed on the alley. And there is the barnum, also, brought by … Yves, and that serves as shelter in case of bad weather. The secret of longevity? "Maybe," smiles the former lab technician at a college. "I know what you think, that Yellow Vests, it's over, we're a bunch of lights. It may be desperate, but I do not want to crash, says Pierrot, 61, retired from a computer services company. At the end of the summer, the talk was everywhere: the Yellow Vests, it's over. But no. Macron, we still piss him off, when he is forced to mobilize police in the demonstrations. We will not let go like that. "

For the birthday of the Yellow Vests, next Saturday, the Muretans will walk to the city center. Sunday, it will be boar stew, before a large review of the Yellow Vests. With a big birthday cake.

Still 700 in Toulouse

In Toulouse, like every Saturday for almost a year, yellow vests tirelessly beat the pavement yesterday afternoon in the city center. According to the prefecture, this event brought together, at most 700 people. They were still 200, around 18 h 30, playing the game of cat and mouse with the police. Three people were arrested, one for contempt of public authority and two for damage to property. There was no injury. The doors of the CROUS, rue du Taur, have been degraded. The police, still mobilized with a little less than 250 personnel, had to use tear gas grenades.

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