N2: Rouen, in the bad, there is some good too


We loved

The atmosphere

How many N2 clubs can boast 4,275 fans for a game at the top? Three. Sedan, Bastia and the FCR. Saturday night, there was indeed a crowd in Diochon and the atmosphere that prevailed throughout the meeting is to be highlighted. First there was this huge tifo made by the Rouen Fans, then songs that, despite the events to the contrary, never stopped and finally the tribune Daniel-Horlaville, usually very calm, who started she too, loudly support the Rouennais. "I'm sorry we lost, because the stadium was well stocked, there was a lot of atmosphere, insists David Giguel, the coach of the Red Devils. I thank the people who came because it once again pushed the players. "


If some teams would have probably collapsed after conceding two goals in twenty minutes and took a red card just behind (Sidibe, 25th), the FCR, he has never let go. At ten, he jostled Chartres and if he had shown a little more realism, he could even equalize (after Rogie reduced the score, 44th). "We have an opportunity at the end of the first half (by Barthelemy, 45th + 2), if you score, I would probably have made other changes, says Giguel. Maybe we could have positioned ourselves to counter and that it would have corresponded better to us. But, it's football. The players have been exemplary. They gave everything they had, they went to the end. I have nothing to reproach them for. "

The entrance to Sainte-Luce

To compensate for the loss of Sidibe, the Rouen technician chose to take out Benzia and replace it with Sainte-Luce. A wise choice because even if the former Fleury player is not strictly speaking a center-forward, he managed his entry. Back to the goal, in small perimeters or in depth, the one that we had seen most since the Goblins match (3-2 for the RCF, 2nd day), due to an adductor injury, caused many torments to the Chartrans defenders. The proof ? This center millimeter, then this perfect pass that Barthelemy failed to improve, while he was alone against the gatekeeper (45th +2, 46th).

We did not like

Lack of control

"The pressure of printing makes you lose your mind," Freeman was singing. It must be believed that the Red Devils, yet fond of rap, had, Saturday night, forgotten this verse. Even before the match began, the staff, leaders, players have indeed lost their nerves for a dark history of jerseys … Forced to play with black shorts and not white, because Chartres had come ( Express?) With only one set of jerseys (white), the Rouennais got annoyed and the pressure went up. Then, on the ground, the pressure cooker exploded, evidenced by the red Sidibe (25th), multiple discussions with the referee or the confusion between Sanson and Persico after which the central defender of the FCR could to be deported (he only got a yellow card, 65th) …

The start

Yes, Rouen lost to Chartres (1-3) because he quickly found himself at ten, but also because during the first twenty minutes, he did not exist. Amorphs the Red Devils let the Chartrains do what they wanted and Toure took the opportunity to find, twice (16th, 22nd), the path of the nets.
"We were not in, confirms Fred Dembi, the breastfeeding midwife. We take two counters. Last week, Guingamp (B) had occases, but missed them. Today (Saturday), Chartres had two opportunities and converted them. We did not put enough impact, we were far from the wearer. Against a team like this, which has experienced players, it is paid cash. "


The man in black is part of the game and, like the players, he can be wrong. Once, twice, but certainly not multiply mistakes as was the case Saturday night. Jumble. Penalty forgotten (5th, the videos published on the social networks attest). Expulsion of Sidibe (25th), without the intentionality of the fault is verifiable, verified. Telescoping with Burel (45th), while the defender Rouen was going to hit and against chartrain in stride. "He can not stop the game if he does not touch the ball", said the man in charge of supervising Mr. Lungeri. Ah. And the interpretation of the rule? It does not exist anymore ? Above all, what would have happened if Chartres scored, after that, a third goal? A third goal that the players of Eure-et-Loir would have been able to register before the 90th minute (Djoco), if the referee, still him, had not whistled a non-existent foul on Ouadah, while Gazeau had got the upper hand (80th). Etc. "It was a tough match to officiate," told us, to conclude, the supervisor. No kidding ? There is little that the DNA (National Direction of Arbitration) who had not imagined it would be. That's probably why Mr. Lungeri, an experienced referee (22 years old), was appointed …

"We will not be choosy"

Even if his formation was shaken up by FC Rouen, especially when it was in numerical superiority, Jean-Guy Wallemme, the coach of Chartres, wanted to remember only one thing after the match: the victory !

What do you think of the red card taken by Sidibe?

Jean-Guy Wallemme : "If we look at Pierre (Peru), he is completely open (at the level of the skull). I'm not saying that Sidibe did it on purpose, it's in the game, but my player has a scar. Afterwards, the referee made his decision. "

How do you explain that at eleven to ten, your team was so upset?

"The red caught them and we got out of our game, we forgot to play because they were ten. "

What did you say to your players at the break?

"I insisted that we had made less effort, we were less willing to stay in the game and we had fallen into the trap of provocation. "

We have the feeling that, despite the victory, you are not totally satisfied. Are we mistaken?

"It's a nice win, even if we could have done better in the game. We will not be choosy, we took the three points. They were unbeaten, it's a good performance. "

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