Naruhito celebrates enthronement: Japanese cheer for the imperial couple



Already in May he succeeded his father, in October Japan's new emperor Naruhito was enthroned. Now he shows himself with his wife Masako in a parade through Tokyo to the people. As a vehicle, they use a specially made car worth millions.
With the cheers of tens of thousands of people, Japan's new Emperor Naruhito and his wife Empress Masako showed themselves to the people in a parade through Tokyo. The monarch in a tuxedo and his crowned wife, dressed in a light dress, waved to the red-and-white flag-waving people from the raised rear seat of their luxurious convertible.

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Tens of thousands of people lined the streets, waving Japanese flags.

(Photo: imago images / Kyodo News)

The ride in the black Nobel car body under a bright blue sky led from the palace over a 4.6-kilometer route to the imperial residence in the Akasaka district. At the moment, 59-year-old Naruhito and his four-year-younger wife Masako still live there until the Imperial Palace is rebuilt for them.

Custom made convertible for imperial couple

Actually, the parade was planned on 22 October after a ceremony to enthrone the Emperor, attended by around 2,000 guests from home and abroad – including Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. But out of consideration for the victims of a devastating typhoon disaster with dozens of dead, she was postponed.

Over 400 meters extended the imperial column of about 50 black sedans and motorcycles. Also present were Naruhito's younger brother, Crown Prince Fumihito, and his wife, Crown Princess Kiko, as well as Japan's right-wing conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Around 26,000 policemen were mobilized for the magnificent parade. It was another highlight in a series of succession rituals that began in May, when Naruhito succeeded his overthrown 85-year-old father Akihito. The tailor-made for the imperial couple Century Century Convertible of the largest Japanese car maker Toyota, in which the imperial couple was chauffeured by Tokyo at a slow pace, the state was estimated to cost about 800 million yen (about 6.6 million euros).

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