National: Jarlan Barrera talked about the home runs of Liga Aguila


Prior to the debut of Atletico Nacional in the home runs of the Eagle League, one of the voices heard in the press room of the Antioqueno painting was that of Jarlan Barrier. Talented midfielder who is a key piece in the scheme of Juan Carlos Osorio and who referred to the fight for the title, but recognizing that his level has decreased.

"We have tough rivals in the group, each with its different style of play and good payroll. the finals will be a nice show, ”said the samarium first.

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He also spoke of the recent operation of Nacional: “We must not cover many things, the team has not had a good performance in several of the last games… in the first games we were an overwhelming team that elaborated a lot of offensive game and that reached us a lot, ”he explained.

He then emphasized what he considers a detriment to his performance in recent games: “Some of the things that have changed the scheme have changed us a bit. It is not an excuse mode because everything goes in one … I blame myself for the football downturn I've had, but I am well-placed that these finals cannot be passed to us, they are difficult and direct rivals, large teams that motivate the players. ”

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And he ended up making accounts for the classification: “If you score more than 6 or 7 points it will give a great expectation of being able to reach a final, that is the objective. Give the star to the fan, it is in our hands with a lot of responsibility. We have a big commitment to ourselves and our family. ”

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