Navarro resigns as Minister of Mining and opens internal crisis in the Cabinet


Mining Minister Cesar Navarro confirmed on Sunday his resignation from the position of that state portfolio, opening another crisis front inside the cabinet of President Evo Morales who faces a wave of requests for resignation nationwide.

"I have made the personal decision because of the dramatic moment in which the country is being lived," he said, denouncing that in the last hours he was the victim of acts of vandalism with the burning of his home.

"It hurts a lot in my heart what is happening," he said, explaining that his relatives were also attacked by violent groups, without hearing the democratic route that President Morales pointed out to call for new elections.

Navarro warned that the response must be institutional to solve the critical moment, because there can be no power vacuum and the questioning of the members of the TSE, forces to define the new methodology of election of the new authorities.

In the city of Potosi, civic groups also set fire to the house of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Victor Borda, who was also looking for his relatives who had been attacked by the protesters.

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