Negotiations between Cowboys and Dak Prescott do not progress


With the start of the regular season, the negotiations between Dak Prescott and Cowboys were appeased, giving priority to the progress of the team in search of repeating appearances in the postseason.

And it seems that this tonic will be maintained for another period, because this Sunday it was reported that an agreement between both parties is far from happening plus, Jerry Jones would be considering the option of placing the franchise player tag in the 26 year old pin.

If Dallas decides to use this option, they would have to pay the average of the five best salaries in the position. This would give him an income of $ 33.6 million for the 2020 campaign; exceeding the income of Aaron Rodgers ($ 33.5 million USD), Jared Goff ($ 33.5 million USD) and Carson Wentz ($ 32 million USD).

Further, if Cowboys will choose to place the label by 2021, Prescott would receive a total of $ 40.32 million. (For the second year of a franchise player, the team must pay 120% of the income of the previous campaign). This would cause the Mississippi State graduate to earn an income similar to the one he seeks in a long-term agreement.

To open the wallet

Although Jerry Jones has another problem. The wide receiver Amari Cooper, for whom they paid a draft first round pick to Raiders, will also reach free agency in 2020 and Cowboys have to find a way to handle the salary cap to secure two of their best men on the offensive.

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