New charges against Roman Polanski: "He raped me and did everything bad to me" – foreign countries


Although the allegations of sexual abuse against Polanski are not new, the latest charges in Paris have triggered a shock. For days France has been discussing another case – the actress Adele Haenel – who suggests that the French film industry is undergoing the same process as Hollywood after the Weinstein affair two years ago.

In the midst of this tense atmosphere, the new lawsuit against Polanski explodes in Paris. The allegations are barred, but very precise and serious. The former actress Valentine Monnier told the newspaper Le Parisien in detail how she had been raped by Polanski in 1975 at the age of 18. Without knowing the director, she had then accepted an invitation from a friend in his chalet in Gstaad. Already at the ski lift he made her a sexual offer. Back in the house, he called her to his floor and received her naked. She says:

Polanski's French lawyer Herve Temime stated that he "emphatically denies any allegation of rape". It was time-barred and never before brought to the attention of the judiciary.

Several witnesses have made statements

Le Parisien, on the other hand, mentions several witnesses who have made affidavits. A vacationer in Gstaad at the time reported that Monnier had come to see him on the evening in question and said that she had been brutally raped by Polanski. The anonymous chalet owner, who took Monnier with him, believes in a bruise on her cheek to remember.

A British film producer named John Bentley also confirmed the incident to the Paris newspaper. Two childhood friends declared that Monnier had told them about the crime.

The 62-year-old photographer had contacted the Los Angeles police after breaking up the Weinstein affair. She also wrote letters to various personalities in Paris, including Minister of Women Marlene Schiappa and President Brigitte Macron.

In September, she decided to go public when it became known that Polanski's new large-scale production "J'accuse" (in English, "An Officer and a spy") about the 1905 Dreyfus affair in France on November 13 in Cinema is coming. This film deals with the miscarriage of justice against an unjustifiably accused Jewish officer of the French army. In interviews Polanski himself drew a parallel to his opinion unfounded rape allegations against him. Monnier explained to Parisien that she could not hear someone who had "burned them with the iron" declare that he was accusing (j'accuse).

A "bold and precise" report

Polanski (86) can not enter the US until today because there is a corresponding, dating back to the year 1977 investigation against him. The French film world has always been fully behind the Oscar winners with Polish and French passport. The Paris Cinematheque held in 2017 despite protests at a Polanski retrospective.

A few days ago, the MeToo debate reached Paris, however, when the actress Adele Haenel reported that she had been sexually abused as a young girl by Christophe Ruggia, no less famous in the Paris scene. The perpetrator has since apologized.

The new Polanski Affair hits the cinema industry with full force. Just a few days ago, the leading actor in the film "J'accuse", Jean Dujardin, had declared that he was "tired" of the "arduous" MeToo debate. Now many other actresses declare their solidarity with Valentine Monnier. Haenel thanked her for the "bold and precise" report. The question is now open whether the 22 million-euro production "J'accuse" will even get into the movie theaters. If this is the case, protests are expected.

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