New mayor of Medellin in the bar during Nacional VS Cucuta by Date 1 of home runs of Liga Aguila 2-2019 (Daniel Quintero Calle in 'Los Del Sur' with Pipe Bandit)


In the past there has already been controversy in the administration of the city of Medellin due to its proximity to one of the leaders of the 'brave bar' of National called Felipe Ospina (Pipe Bandit), as it seems that in the coming administration there is also closeness with the. At least this is what is understood when watching videos of the mayor of Medellin in the bar during Nacional VS Cucuta, for Date 1 of home runs of Liga Aguila 2-2019.

And it did not go unnoticed for the fans to watch the video that Daniel Quintero Calle, elected mayor of Medellin uploaded for the period 2020-2023, on the night of Saturday, November 9 in the southern tribune of the Atanasio Girardot, in the middle of 'Los Del Sur 'and also a step above the mentioned leader of this bar.

Video: The mayor of Medellin at the bar during Nacional VS Cucuta

In the administration of Federico Gutierrez there have been some controversies with Ospina about behaviors and complaints from people who know him, they have indicated him as a contractor of the mayor's office and that is why, supposedly, they have favored him on some occasions for sanctions and decisions. But in the administration of Quintero Calle, it is expected that, as he did in his campaign and proposals, he will be separated from many actions that have been taking place in the capital of Antioquia and this is one of them.

But the video does not show that it will change much, obviously waiting to know some response and also the execution of the management of the 'brave bars' and the resources that are available to eradicate violence and differences around football. For now it is known that he is a loyal 'Purslane' fan and that he will promote 'Barrismo en Paz' programs.

But the video puts it in a position that for rival fans is not so pleasant, knowing all the interests that are handled in this context. This was the material that was seen in the Instagram stories of the president who will begin his period on January 1, 2020 and also shared it by his official Twitter profile, seeing that a fan uploaded it and mentioned it.

Sn the end of the video is the appearance of 'Pipe Bandit', which was sanctioned in the middle of the year for an assault that was recorded by many people and that meant 3 months of punishment.

Mayor of Medellin at the bar during Nacional VS Cucuta Courtesy, official Instagram Daniel Quintero Calle

The goals:

Of the game, apart from the fact that the new mayor of Medellin was at the bar during Nacional VS Cucuta, it should be noted that Juan Carlos Osorio's team surpassed Guillermo Sanguinetti's team 3 by 1, the local goals were by Patricio Cucchi and Daniel Munoz's double , while the transitory 1 for 1 had been the work of Matias Perez.

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