New Technology Park in Havana, another gift for the 500 (+ Audio and photos)


Esteban Lazo Hernandez, President of the National Assembly and the State Council attended this Sunday the inauguration of the La Finca de los Monos Technology Park and Recreation Park, located in the Cerro municipality of the Cuban capital, reports the station Rebel Radio.

Also present were the Ministers of Education, Transportation and Communications, as well as the main authorities of the Party and the Government in Havana.

During the opening ceremony, the entities linked to all the construction work at La Finca de los Monos were recognized, where technology and entertainment will be joined.

In a special way, the work of CINESOFT and its entrepreneurship for the development of a new facility that has modern technology was recognized.

As explained by Ivan Barreto, project leader, it will have 10 game rooms, electronic shooting, augmented reality, digital libraries, network games, as well as 3D cinema, 12D and 8 outdoor areas related to history and daily life.

Visitors can enjoy the entertainment of the train, the boat and the plane with the presence of traditional and ecological playgrounds and other music and party spaces for student and work centers. These activities will be supported by 6 gastronomic areas with varied offers.

Barreto added that La Finca de los Monos is an example that Local Development Projects are an exceptional way for the growth of municipalities and directly address much of the problems they face today in localities.

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