Newells returned to victory to leave worries and doubts behind


Maxi Rodriguez executed the penalty that he had at the dawn of the game and with that goal he made the foundation for the construction of an indispensable victory. The one that reduced the complications. And ensured the recovery. Because starting with the tranquility of the advantage facilitates the development of thought. And despite some unevenness in collective performance, Newell's returned to victory and that's the important thing.

Because when it comes to adding, it is about moving along the road that moves worries away and brings you to the best destinations, winning is always decisive. More after a couple of adverse outcomes and unwanted returns, those who always open questions and raise insecurities.

That is why the three points obtained in the Colossus before Defense and Justice are fundamental for Frank Kudelka's team to look further to the area of ​​the last averages. And begin to elaborate with greater tranquility, without the urgencies of the start of the tournament, an operation without swings.

Because in parallel the triumph acts as an impulse to have greater proximity with the avant-garde lot of the Super League, the one that disputes the most comforting prominence.

It is true that the red and black operation had some ups and downs in the first half, but responded that the Falcon capitalized the sides to fight to reach the goal taking advantage of the spaces left by the local midfield, which had many problems to contain. However, the conquest of the Formica Cat when the initial stage was diluted defined the challenge. And he dispelled the doubts that swarmed the court.

The complement was that of ratification. Everything was simpler for Newell's. In which he devoted himself to transit and spend the remaining time with the conviction that the problems were now much lower.

The match

The commitment could not start in a better way for Newell's since at 55 seconds Julio Gonzalez commits a hand inside the area and Abal did not hesitate to penalize penalties. Maxi Rodriguez executed him strong and left Unsain without chances.

Defense and Justice was immediately followed by equality, and in its task it immediately generated two clear situations, one of which did not end in goal due to the timely intervention of Cristian Lema.

Then the cover of Aguerre was decisive, which managed to avoid the fall of its arch after a violent shot by Delgado.

Defense and Justice began to gravitate in the game because it advanced on the sides and collapsed the containment of the Kudelka scheme in the flyers area, since Fernandez and Villarruel were violated by rivals.

However, Newell's generated situations with quick exits because those of Soso left a lot of space in defense.

And so the second came, with a precise incursion of Leal, who on the right unbalanced to put a center back that rejected Usain, Salinas punched back, Bittolo put another center taking advantage of the goalkeeper's Falcon was halfway, and the Cat Head Formica scored.

In the complement Newell's was better ordered and that is why he began to control the times of the game. With high yields like those of Lema, Fernandez and Leal, among others.

The solidarity of the attackers to collaborate in the middle compensated the operation and that way the Falcon could no longer uneven on the sides.

But Defense and Justice was not resigned and in an articulated play left Alexis Castro in goal position, but his shot deflected Aguerre to the corner.

Newell's more orderly already let time pass, and concluded with an indispensable victory, which calms anxieties and motivates new challenges.

Newell's: Alan Aguerre; Facundo Nadalin, Cristian Lema, Santiago Gentiletti and Mariano Bittolo; Julian Fernandez, Lucas Villarruel and Mauro Formica (66 'Brian Rivero); Luis Leal, Rodrigo Salinas (61 'Albertengo) and Maxi Rodriguez (74' Alexis Rodriguez). DT: Frank Kudelka

Defense and Justice: Ezekiel Unsain; Julio Gonzalez (51 'Ojeda), Juan Rodriguez, Hector Martinez, Rafael Delgado; Alexis Castro (73 'Merlini), Diego Rodriguez, Raul Loaiza, Neri Cardozo; Nicolas Fernandez and Facundo Marquez (46 'Aliseda). DT: Mariano Soso.

Goal: 2 'Maxi Rodriguez (NOB), of penal; 44 'Formica (NOB)

Stadium: Colossus Marcelo Bielsa.

Referee: Diego Abal.

TV: Fox Sports.

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